The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday October 21st, 2013.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West



Peter Moores


Scott Pellerine


Adam White


Kelly MacDonald


Erica Ans


Susan Beazley


David Algee

JL Ilsley

Steve Wilcox


Patrick Hatfield


Trevor Doyle


Annette Sherlock


Roy Snook


Tim McGarrigle


Bob Mayo


 Jordan Lewis


Donna Duggan


 Jill Jeffrey


Ray Robertson




Sends regrets:      

Guy Fortin


Tamara Muise


 Steve Harris


Jean-Francois Valade


Craig Janc








The meeting opened at 7: 20p.m.


2.       INTRODUCTIONS: meeting was chaired by Donna Duggan


3.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES for September, 2013.


Moved: Roy Snook         

Seconded:   Jill Jeffery                      Approved



The Chair, Donna Duggan reported the following financial



Shares: $360.37

     Plan 24: $20.33

     Equity: $10.00

     Cheque: $21,819.54


Fess are needed from CH, JLI, SACK, HCA, SOMM, MMA, KA


5. Business arising from the minutes:




    Trevor Doyle gave a verbal report.

a.        Every NSSAF coach will have to have the Keeping the School in Sport Course by the 2012 season.  It will be delivered by the ADs and coach names will be stored in a provincial database. If a coach does not have it done by September 30th they will not be able to coach in a regional or provincial tournament.


           Capital will be hosting Provincials in: Snow Boarding, Table Tennis, Slow Pitch Div. 1 boys and girls, Soccer (Div. 1 Girls, Div. 2 Girls, and Div. 4 Boys), Volleyball Div. 4 girls, and Basketball Div. 3/4/J.V. Div 1 boys and girls, Div 2 girls basketball. Regionals in wrestling are being hosted by SJA and someone will need to host the other meet.


If any game times are changed with Regionals, both schools need to agree and you need to let Darrel know. Please let Trevor know results of soccer by 9:00 the night of the game.


Eventually coaches will need to be certified in each sport. In about two years some sports will be done, football will be first.


Mandatory Technical Training is coming in Football NCCP.





a.  Boys Hockey-HW: Roy Snook/Frank Hubley

    Things are going good. Frank did not send a report.

    Profanity rule was discussed, how is it defined? What is profanity in the sport and is it the same in each sport. Hockey is being singled out, the officials are being instructed to be strict with it. Trevor mentioned that hockey is the only sport that is getting complaints. If you have complaints you should send them to Darrell through your principal.


b.  Girls Hockey- JLI: David Algee

Coaches need to know that they need to get their roster on Goaline. You can't enter game results unless both teams are on the site with their roster. Games should be reported as soon as possible after the game.



c.   Wrestling- Lock Steve Wilcox

Not decided on if the Metro Meet will be before or after Christmas. Steve is looking at getting more schools there and just give banners to the Metro schools, he is wondering how this might look. The meet needs to have more wrestlers, he will send out an email.


d.  Baseball -PA:  Bob Mayo/Louis Aube

Nine teams this year. Two divisions, a hand out was given out.


e. Boys Soccer SJA Scott Pellerine

All went well. Coaches need to send results in as an email format, not game sheets, as soon as they can after the game.


f. Girls Soccer HW Roy Snook

All went well.


g. Boys Volleyball CIT Trevor Doyle

We have 11 teams things going well. Top 8 will make the playoffs and we will need to have top 5 teams determined at the end.


h. Girls Volleyball SHS Jill Jeffery

Same as other leagues, chasing teams down for scores. Need a host for the all star game, SHS will do it on December 3 rd.


i. Boys Basketball CIT Steve Harris

Schedule is finalized. Any concerns contact Steve.


j. Girls Basketball DHS Kelly MacDonald

Master schedule will be out over the next few days.


k. Boys B Soccer ARM Sue Beazley

All went well, seven teams. Grammar school won.


l. Girls B Soccer ARM Sue Beazley

Ten teams into two divisions, final is being played today.


m. Girls B Volleyball ES - Tamara Muise

All is good.


n. Boys J.V. Basketball FOUNT Peter Moores

Meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 at Fountain room 501 on ground floor.


o. Girls J.V Basketball SH Anette Sherlock

Email was sent out today, meeting next Tuesday night at SH.


p. Cross Country CIT -  Steve Harris

All Went well. Schools need to make sure they register on time.


q. Golf Grammar Tim McGarrigle

Results were sent out. Went well, but numbers were very low.



8. New Business


A Coordinator is need for the city badminton. A large school would be needed. CPA might be a possibility if a city school would host it.


Teacher Advisors: it is possible that practices will be mandatory for advisors. Many questions about the rule. Is it just NSTU members that can be an advisor? Why do some teams in Metro need advisors and others do not? Principals have been in discussion about this as well.


My was discussed and a few schools are using it online and you get the check done in 48 hours.




Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 pm

Moved: Sue Beazley

Seconded:  Roy Snook


Next meeting will be November  25th at Halifax West 7pm


If you have anything you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Donna Duggan or Scott Pellerine one week prior to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Scott Pellerine