The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday October 19, 2009.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West High School


Kevin Epp       

Dartmouth High

Christine Christensen


Darrell Dempster


Roy Snook


Erica Ans


Donna Duggan 


Dave Hubley 


Adam White


Jill Jeffery

JL Ilsley

Peter Moores


Craig Campbell




Tim McGarrigle


Annette Sherlock


Nigel Mailman 




Jean-Francois Valade


Trevor Doyle


Tamara Muise

Eastern Shore




Sends regrets:   Sue Beazley Ambrae,              David Algee- JLI,        Sue Mc Master -SJA         Colin Bush  AUB                Peter Halley SHS                        




The meeting opened at 7:12 p.m. and was chaired by Donna Duggan.




     Receipts were handed out to schools for their MHSAA



3.     APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Sept.3rd, 2009.


Moved: Nigel Mailman                   

Seconded:  Dave Hubley




a.      The Chair, Donna Duggan, reported the following financial

Shares           $   360.37 

      Plan 24        $  20.23   

      Checking     $  24852.40

      Equity          $  10.00


Metro Fees Owed: CPA, Cit, JLI, Millwood, SHS- Please forward to Donna Duggan Halifax West.



Trevor Doyle informed metro that the 70 banners we use have doubled in cost and we are responsible to pay for the next three years.  To cover this cost a few options were suggested:

·        Pay the school fees for the 2010-11 season this year

·        Increase the school fees

·        Look into the HST rebate




The following is information on the Volleyball Regionals:


Trevor Doyle indicated, the teams that advance to qualifiers will depend on the number of teams that declared in your region.  The goal of this is to advance the best possible teams to provincials.  Also the boys and girls will have the same playoff format.




     Trevor Doyle gave a verbal report.

·        Capital will be hosting boys Basketbball Provincials and boys and girls hockey provincials.  The dates to apply are on the NSSAF web site

·        Cheerleading Coach clinic is the weekend of Oct. 24-25

·        See Trevor Doyle for banners from the previous two years if your school did not receive them.





a. Boy’s Soccer: Halifax West: Roy Snook

   Roy Snook gave a verbal report.  The play off format was distributed for the boys and girls.



b. Boys B Soccer: Armbrae: Susan Beazley

Please have all the game scores forwarded to Sue to update the stats.





c. Girl’s Soccer A: Halifax West: Roy Snook

  Roy Snook gave a verbal report.  The play off format was distribute for

  the boys and girls




d. Girl’s Soccer B: Armbrae: Sue Beazley

Please have all the game scores forwarded to Sue to update the stats




e. Boy’s Volleyball: Citadel: Trevor Doyle

Trevor Doyle gave a verbal report.

The topic of referees missing was brought up and will be looked at.



f.  Girl’s Volleyball: CPA Dave Hubley:

 Dave Hubley gave a verbal report on Girls Volleyball.  The stats are  updated weekly on the Metro web site.



g. Girl’s B Volleyball: Caffefour: Jean-Francois Valade

Jean-Francois Valade gave a verbal report.



h. Cross Country Metro: Lockview: Darrell Dempster/ Bruce Chanter

Darrell Dempster gave a verbal report.  Bruce Chanter e-mailed the results out and a written report to athletic directors.





i. Golf: Grammar: Tim McGarrigle/Mike Peterson

Tim McGarrigle gave a verbal report and e-mailed results out to athletic directors.


There was an issue with the amount of time it took some of the female athletes to finish the round.


The recommendations for next year are to allow single entries in to the female tournament.  A school can still send up to 4 girls and the top 2 scores will still count for teams.  However individual girls can enter.


Metro agreed with this recommendation.



j. Boy’s Baseball: Sackville: Peter Halley

Peter Halley submitted a report.



k. Boy’s Basketball (A): Prince Andrew: Christine Christensen

Brad Martin submitted a written report from the coaches meeting


A discussion on how to monitor teams who run up the score and the enforcement of that rule took place.  It was asked for more clarification.



l. Boy’s Basketball (B): Millwood: Adam White

Adam gave a verbal report, more information will be sent out shortly via e-mail



m. Girl’s Basketball (A): Dartmouth: Kevin Epp

 Kevin Epp gave a verbal report.  The schedule was sent out to athletic directors and coaches.



n. Girl’s Basketball (B): Sacred Heart: Annette Sherlock

Annette Sherlock gave a verbal report more information to come via e-mail.



o. Boy’s Hockey: Halifax West: Donna Duggan/Frank Hubley

Donna Duggan gave a verbal report.

The league will be playing a 22 game schedule.  The website is up and there is also a goalline web site.  Rule changes are being implemented from the beginning of the regular season.



p. Girl’s Hockey: JLI: Dave Algee

Jill Jeffrey gave a verbal report.

The league is working on getting a website on-line.  Teams who have new no play date please reschedule games that are on those dates. 



Q.  Wrestling- SJA:  Sue MacMaster

More information to come via e-mail




 R. Cheerleading-PA: Christine Christensen

Christine Christensen gave a verbal report.  More information to come via e-mail.





NSSAF provided each school with a white board to post up in their





Meeting Adjourned at   8:11pm

Moved: Nigel Mailman

Seconded:  Kevin Epp



Next meeting will be Mon. Nov.30.          

Location:  Halifax West

Meeting Dates:, Mon. Jan 25, Mon Feb 22, Mon Mar 29, Mon April 26, June TBA


If you have something you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Donna Duggan (457-8900/5601264) or Craig Campbell (464-5220/7601020) one week prior to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Craig Campbell