The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday November 30th 2015

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West



Amanda LeBlanc


Scott Pellerine


David Algee


Erica Ens


Shane Joseph


Susan Beazley


Steve Wilcox


Jodi Joudrey


Mike Smeltzer


Sean Kent


Jordan Murphy


Bob Mayo



Sends regrets: 


Craig Janc


Guy Fortin


Jean Francois Valade




Annette Sherlock


Donna Duggan


Adam White


Anton Berry


Jason Scott


Jill Jeffrey





The meeting opened at 7:07p.m.



Introductions were made and the meeting was chaired by Sue Beazley.



3.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES for October, 2015


Moved:           Steve W.                     

Seconded:      Sean K.        






The Chair, Susan Beazley reported the following financial information after the meeting via email:


                                Shares: $360.30

                                    Plan 24: $20.38

                                    Cheque: $12 483.42








Motion put forward for golf from the last meeting had to be removed from the October minutes. Shane will submit a proposal for the Spring workshop.


Girls Hockey motion passed 11 agreed and 2 abstained.







Boys Hockey - HW: Mike Smeltzer/Frank Hubley


All going well. Suspensions not going down, stayed about the same, with four man ref system.


Girls Hockey- JLI: David Algee


Reminder about rescheduled games this is creating a lot of extra work for Dave. Coaches should be going to their AD’s first before they go to Dave about anything being rescheduled. A.D. and coach should agree what is reasonable for both teams involved. Then go to Dave though the AD, not all games are being rescheduled fairly among coaches, this is something AD’s could help out with.


Wrestling- Lock: Steve Wilcox


All dates were sent out by Dianne. The regional meet at Lockview will be open to the province and juniors will be included.







            Boys Volleyball – SHS – Jill Jeffery/Trevor Doyle


Via Email:


The Metro Boys’ Volleyball season began on September 24/15. League completed play on November 10/15. A double round robin format with two divisions was followed. The schools played a home and away with each school in their division. With the school that came in first in each division being the Metro Champion. The top 10 team teams advanced to Regionals. There were 11 teams in the league.


The assignor this year is Robert MacLeod. The host school pays the officials' bill for the match.  The fee is $40 each for 2 officials and $50 for one. Schools were billed directly and this was the second year of this practice and will continue. Thank you to Robert and Steve Stuart for all there help as there were many game and time changes.


This year’s Regional Championship format was changed. Overall the system was affective in producing quality volleyball. The top 10 Division 1 Schools from Metro played off for the Regional Banner. The top three teams advanced directly to Provincials with the 4th place team and 5th place team advance to a qualifier. The Metro Tier I champion was Citadel High Metro Tier II Champion was Carrefour. Regional Champion was Citadel High. Advancing directly to Provincials are Citadel, Sackville High and Dartmouth. Auburn and Lockview have advanced to a qualifier.


Overall the Tier league system has been successful. It provides the majority of schools with meaningful competitive games. This season there seemed to be more schedule changes then in the past. These were largely from things out of the AD hands, such as lock-downs, gym lighting issues etc. I will like to remind AD that since the regular season for Volleyball typically ends just before Remembrance Day. Home play dates and time should be protected and not lost to the beginning of the basketball season until the regional completion date. Having important playoffs games begin early in the day around 4pm or before does not allow for parents and families to come and watch and more importantly the abilities to get the best officials for the matches is difficult. When scheduling time comes for basketball AD’s would have a pretty good idea if your school will be hosting a playoff match or not. If there is a conflict the basketball game should be moved to allow the sport that was in season first to finish. Basketball Coaches and players would want the same I am sure for their playoffs.



Girls Volleyball – SHS – Jill Jeffery


Via Email:


When coaches met in September we decided to ensure that league play generated more meaningful games for all teams. I think based on the scores and the competitiveness of the divisions and the final standings we were successful.  I look forward to hearing from coaches on their thoughts for next season. I feel there needs to be a pre-season tournament prior to making the schedule and establishing the divisions for next year. There will have to be agreement on returning to two divisions. Perhaps if time allows we can guarantee some cross over play. This season our timelines were very tight as we lost at least two play dates to holidays and several schools gave me  2-3 no play dates or couldn't play right away...almost impossible to schedule. Next season we will play Tues/ Thurs and this may afford a couple of extra days. I think there should have been only 6 teams in the top division (this year) and movement will have to occur each year based on team personnel and league finish from previous year's standings. I had some push back on the original alignment of divisions and I expected that...sometimes it's hard to know how strong a team may be during league play. Again a modified preseason tournament would allow for some idea of competitiveness.


Finally, while not ideal, the play off format was generated to allow league play to be rewarded. Its very hard to keep everyone happy, but we had six Metro teams this year with the possibility of heading to a DIV 1 Provincial qualifier or gaining an automatic berth to Provincials. We had 13 teams in the league, MW and Sommet moved on and SHS did not have a win and finished last. Perhaps having 10 teams move through in playoffs was too many. My original thought was top 4 from Spike division as 1-4, next was top two from ACE, as 5-6 and the next best record. In the end we tried tried to give as many teams as possible an opportunity to advance. As well, we were challenged to get all games in on those four days Mon- Thurs. I am certainly open to discussion for next year's format.


Girl's ALL STAR Game-- Thursday Dec. 10 @ Prince Andrew-- 5:00 PM 



Girls B Volleyball – ARM – Sue Beazley


Citadel won, congratulations. All went well.


             Boys Basketball – DHS – Anton Berry


Reported via email:


The Regular Season is up and running. Everything seems to going fine at this point. The coaches are doing a great job emailing in scores.  Updated standings and schedule is out to the Coaches every Friday. Will start to include ADs as well.


            Girls Basketball – GRAM – Shane Joseph/Laurie Girdwood


All going well. Laurie will be updating the AD's on a regular basis.


            Boys B Basketball CPA/SOMM -  Jodi Joudrey/Paul Wozney and Graham Carter


Going well.


            Girls B Basketball – SH – Anette Sherlock


All good. Coaches need to make sure to get scores in as soon as possible, reported by Sue B.





            Curling - SJA/ HW - Scott Pellerine/ Melina McNeil and AG McRae


Dates are: February 22nd, 24th, 26th with the 29th as a weather cancellation day at Mayflower Curling Club.


9. New Business


Sean Kent was wondering about tiering the boys hockey league, seems to be quite a few lop sided scores this year between the top teams and bottom teams. We should talk to our coaches and Principals about this and get a feeling about it for next year.




Meeting Adjourned at   7:40 pm


Moved:   .Dave A.

Seconded:    Erica E.


Next meeting will be Monday January 25th at Halifax West 7pm.


If you have anything you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Sue Beazley or Scott Pellerine one week prior to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Scott Pellerine