The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday November 25th, 2013.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West



Peter Moores


Scott Pellerine


Jean-Franacois Valade


Kelly MacDonald


Darrell MacInnis


Susan Beazley


 Steve Harris


Steve Wilcox


Tamara Muise


Trevor Doyle


Annette Sherlock


Roy Snook


Ray Robertson


Bob Mayo


 Jordan Lewis


Donna Duggan




Sends regrets:      

Guy Fortin


Craig Janc


Patrick Hatfield


Tim McGarrigle


Adam White


 Jill Jeffrey


Erica Ans


David Algee

JL Ilsley





The meeting opened at 7:05pm.


2. INTRODUCTIONS: Meeting was chaired by Donna Duggan.                       Brendon Smithson discussed the field lacrosse league in 2012 that was introduced into Capital region as a spring sport. The field lacrosse league will be in the third season in 2013. Last season CPA, SJA, and Dartmouth played in a league with CEC in division one, there is a division two as well in Pictou Co. The league starts one week after the box lacrosse tournament in April; April 22nd to May 22nd each team played four games at least. All games were played at Burnside, games started at 3:30, every season game was played, there was league fee of $400 which coved officials and fields. Brendon is able to help find coaches, he is involved in Lacrosse Nova Scotia. He would like to see the league grow in Metro and across the Province this year, he also would like to have it sanctioned by NSSAF. Brendon would be able to come into a Phys. Ed class to do a few lessons to promote the sport as well, he has lesson plans for teachers as well. Most teams last year used their gym for practice and Brendon is able to help supply some equipment such as long poles and nets. Email - if you would be interested in joining this year or have any questions.



3.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES for October, 2013.


Moved:  Roy Snook

Seconded:  Trevor Doyle





a.     The Chair, Donna Duggan reported the following financial



Shares: $ 360.37

    Plan 24: $ 20.33

    Equity: $ 10.00

    Cheque: $ 23 358.80



5. Business Arising from the Minutes: None





Thanks to everyone for getting the Regionals done and getting all of the gym time we needed. Not all schools have sent in the league play sheets for volleyball, we only need the schools who will advance. Please remind coaches to get those in they are useful. Ron O'Flaherty discussed his coaches certifications for the upcoming season at the NSSAF meeting. Trevor mentioned that he brought up that we should focus on KSISS and get that on line and make it easier for AD's to get out there before we add more on our plate. Trevor mentioned the swearing rule to Darrell and there will not be a list of words posted. Darrell has never had a complaint about this rule. Hockey is different than other sports because of the number of complaints from all levels of people involved in hockey. He met with two board of governors about having people ( staff advisors) at all games in the Metro region, they agree that depending on the sport we really do not need two have two people there. They are trying to find people to talk to and create another policy that will just apply to sport only. This process is slow but it is moving along, a group is getting together on this, and discussing the hiring and firing of coaches as well.





a.   Boys Hockey-HW: Roy Snook/Frank Hubley

    Going well


b.  Girls Hockey- JLI: David Algee

Tell coaches that they need to communicate changes in games right away to him.


c.   Wrestling- Lock: Steve Wilcox

February 15th for metro's. Jr. High schools will be invited as well, one day at Lockview. The following weekend the regionals will be at SJA ( capital west) (capital east) will be at SHS the following weekend. Steve will send out a list of all meets this year this week.


d.    Boys Volleyball CIT Trevor Doyle

Most teams we had since 2005. League went well, next year it might be teared if we have 13 teams again. Sommet won the league. Coaches were good at reporting scores.


e.    Girls Volleyball SHS Jill Jeffery

Coaches need to be better at reporting scores. Email was sent out today.


f.   Girls B Volleyball ES - Tamara Muise

Went very well, scores were reported. Had some trouble getting two officials at the end.


g.    Boys Basketball CIT Steve Harris

On now for two weeks, going well with just one league but some scores are very lop sided. Each week scores and standings will be sent out.


h.    Girls Basketball DHS Kelly MacDonald

No issues, all scores have been coming in.


i.     Boys J.V. Basketball FOUNT Peter Moores

Going well, Kingsview Academy/Maritime Muslim Academy is now a part of the league all games are played away.


j.     Girls J.V Basketball SH Anette Sherlock

Everything is going fine.           



8.   New Business


Football - Ray discussed the change in venue as being frustrating as a school (CPA) where they are going to host a championship game. According to the guidelines it was the choice of the home team to pick the venue where the game would be played.  This should have been looked at well before the week of the game. Refs were discussed as well, many errors were made in the game. We didn't seem to have refs equal to the teams in the game. A video of the game has been sent into the officials for review, awaiting to hear back. Gate from a football game being shared with another team, this is the only sport that allows this.  CPA found it to be unfair they had to arrange the event and get only half of the money. This policy was from the days of Citadel vs CEC. When one team is a host so often it was decided to be shared by both teams involved because teams from away would incur more expenses than the host team. CPA feels if the gate is shared it should be hosted by both teams and all costs shared.


Principals should be encouraged to make contact with Darrel about the concern of the football league being run by coaches and not being run and governed like every other sport through the schools. A recommendation would be that they have amendments put in through a process that involves the schools, now it is just involving the coaches of the teams.





Meeting Adjourned at 8:15

Moved: Sue Beazley

Seconded:  Darrell MacInnis


Next meeting will be January 20th at Halifax West 7pm.


If you have anything you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Donna Duggan or Scott Pellerine one week prior to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Scott Pellerine