The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday March 30th 2015,

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West




Tamara Muise


Scott Pellerine


Jill Jeffrey


Peter Haley


Tim McGarrigle


Susan Beazley


Steve Harris


Steve Wilcox


Adam White


Trevor Doyle


David Algee


Mike Smeltzer


Ray Robertson


Jason Scott


Donna Duggan


Patrick Hatfield





Sends regrets: 


Guy Fortin


Annette Sherlock


Craig Janc


Bob Mayo


 Jordan Lewis


Erica Ans


Jean-Franacois Valade







1.        OPENING 


The meeting opened at 7: 15pm




Meeting was chaired by Donna Duggan. Thank you to everyone for all of the work being done.


3.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES for January 2015       


Moved:   Steve Wilcox

Seconded: Sue Beazley                                       Approved




Cheque Account: $14 420.08

Shares: $360.37

Plan 24: $20.33

Equity: $ 10.00








Jill - SHS - Protest Procedures


Jill circulated an information sheet to everyone with some ideas to make changes or additions to the protest procedures we will follow. Everyone is asked to take a look at it and give feedback to Jill and she will move forward on making an official motion to be voted on.




 Make sure the rugby coaches are certified with the on line concussion training. I have been informed that if you host an All-Star game, this game must be sanctioned. Nominations are being looked at for Dorothy Walker, we are looking at it now because it is due tomorrow. If you need a little more time just let me know. Take a look at the other awards in the back of the handbook and forward the names on to me.











a. Boys Hockey -HW: Mike Smeltzer/Frank Hubley

Congratulations to Citadel for winning provincials.


b. Girls Hockey- JLI: David Algee

Dave passed on the information sheet for the closing of the league for this season. Discussed the rescheduling of games as an issue, I will be in contact with the AD much sooner next year to make sure games are done in a reasonable time frame.


c. Boys A Basketball CIT: Steve Harris

Congratulations to Auburn for winning provincials. We may need to get two a week games in early on the season to avoid problems with cancellations. Tim M. will be putting a motion forward for the way scheduling was done at qualifiers. Three games were played in less than 24 hours.


d. Girls A Basketball DART Peter Haley

Congratulations to Citadel. I have some issues with the way teams started the season with only a few games and more practice, because when we have games to reschedule we do not have time at the end to squeeze them in. I will propose that all teams start off the season playing most of their games and leave the final week without games unless we need them. Same problem in the boys league.


e. Boys B Basketball FOUT Jason Scott

Weather was a bit of an issue. Should we have playoffs in this league? The playoffs will probably be the regionals next year. Winner of the league is the metro winner, blue banner. This format will save time.


f. Girls B Basketball SH -  Annette Sherlock

Congratulations to Citadel. Six team final playoff this year. Thank you to Scott White from Millwood for doing an amazing job on the stats.


g. Wrestling LOCK Steve Wilcox  

It was helpful opening it up to more wrestlers and no issues with giving metro banners out during the meet. I will do it this way again next year.


h. Curling - HW/ SJA - AG McRae and Melina MacNeil

All went well.


 i. Cheerleading DART Peter Haley

Will be going to the valley for a regional event.


 j. Girls Rugby - SJA  - Lindsay Hilton/Scott Pellerine

Reminder to teams all money is due to SJA. An update will be out as soon as we can get field bookings. Regionals have to be completed by May 30th.


k. Boys Rugby CH - Steve Lennihan

Trying to get fields. This could be an issue. Schedules will have to be revised.


l. Badminton County LOCK Steve Wilcox

No extra parking at all at the school. It will happen this week, what I suggest is that you park at the Sobeys Mall. Same for regionals at Sackville High the following week, no parking at the event.


m. Badminton City HW Donna Duggan

Thanks to JLI for taking Seniors and Citadel for taking intermediates. Hope all goes well.


n. Indoor Field Hockey - DART Erin Schaus

Up and going no issues.


o. Box Lacrosse - HW Mike Smeltzer

April 7th to 11th. Three different divisions.


p. Table Tennis AUB Erica Ens

Information was sent via e-mail.


q. Field Lacrosse SJA Scott Pellerine/ Brendon Smithson

Brendon would like to have all teams who are in the league this year to contact him and let him know by April 1st if you will have a team. Brendon Smithson email or call him at 902 890 - 5654. He will start to get a schedule together as soon as possible with this information.


r. Skiing CH Pat Hatfield/ Derek Nichols

Things went well. He would like to get a new set of bibs from 1- 200 for next year. Pat will send out the concluding email from Derek to everyone.


s. Snowboarding CIT/AUB

Nothing to add.


9. New Business


Podium Search: Donna Duggan


This is a high performance group from Canada Games Centre, they are looking at getting athletes to enter into some fringe sports and would like to test students at your schools. This applies to grade 10 students.


Sub days. If metro is covering sub days try to include the cost for subs into that, and add it in to fees to cover the days. If metro is covering the day, the secretary at your school needs to phone HRSB and get them to bill Donna (Metro) for the day. If you are using this there also should be some money coming into Metro for these days as well.



Jill talked about the Cyber Scan program SHS had all of their athletes take part in sessions on this. She will send this out to all schools, it was a very useful presentation.


Ray R. discussed the extra time need to be committed to KSISS with such a turn over in coaching staff from year to year. He was wondering if any ADs' are able to keep up with all of their coaches? Concerns were discussed.



10. Meeting Adjourned at: 8: 40 pm


Moved:   Sue Beazley

Seconded:   Trevor Doyle


Next meeting will be Monday April 28th at Halifax West 7pm.


If you have anything you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Donna Duggan or Scott Pellerine one week prior to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Scott Pellerine