The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday March 7, 2011.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West High School







Steve Wilcox


Jean-Francois Valade


Christine Christensen


Sue Mc Master


Adam White


 Erica Ans


Roy Snook


Trevor Doyle


Craig Campbell


Dave Hubley 


Tim McGarrigle


Kevin Epp


Peter Halley


 Donna Duggan


Annette Sherlock




Steve Harris





Sends regrets:      

Tamara Muise

Eastern Shore

David Algee

JL Ilsley

Colin Bush


Craig Janc


Sue Beazley






The meeting opened at 7:08 p.m..



     The meeting was chaired by Donna Duggan


3.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Jan, 2011.


Moved:  Trevor Doyle

Seconded:  Dave Hubley




a.     The Chair, Donna Duggan,(via e-mail) reported the following financial

      Shares         $ 360.37

      Plan 24       $ 20.23

      Checking     $ 10472.15

      Equity         $  10.00



5. Business arising from the minutes

·         Information of why suspended coaches are allowed at the rink was sheared and reson given was a rink was a public facility

·         There will be no motion passed on using videos for suspensions.



Trevor Doyle gave a verbal report:


Provincial for Skiing March 9th


NSSAF Luncheon Forms due March 11


Workshop feedback/ proposal has to be signed by principal due March 11

Change in divisions going to spring workshop.  Trevor passed out a sheet outlining divisional changes that are proposed:  800 up-D1, 250-800D2, Below 250 D3


Hockey boys regionals- Capital 1, 2,3 will advance to Provincial, Capital 4 will have to play to get into provincials


Div2 Boys and Girls regional this weekend


Basketball record sheets for all divisions important keep those up to date


Wrestling information was sent out via e-mail March 25th weekend, provincials SJA April1 & 2


Dorothy G walker service award is going to our region application due March 31st; application must be signed by principal.

Hockey Girls- Top 2 advance to provincials everyone else is out.


Div 1 Basketball Regionals under control Brad Martin


Curling SCA dates March 22, 23,24 at Brookfield Curling Club






           A.  Boys A Basketball- Prince Andrew: Christine Christensen/Brad Martin

Christine Christian gave a verbal report.  Brad sent out info via e-mail, please keep in mind your gym schedule for basketball playoffs on the bottom of the schedule.


 B. Boys B Basketball:

 Information was mailed out through e-mail.


 C. Girls A Basketball- Dartmouth: Kevin Epp/Mike Bell

 The schedule is progressing well, info on playoffs will be e-mailed out


 D. Girls B Basketball- Sacred Heart: Annette Sherlock 

 Annette Sherlock gave a verbal report:  Information was e-mailed out on the league


 E. Boys Hockey-Halifax West: Roy Snook/Donna Duggan/Frank Hubley

 Donna Duggan gave a verbal report see Regional Director’s report on Boys hockey


 F. Girls Hockey- JLI: David Algee 

Dave Algee sent regional information out via e-mail


 H. Cheerleading-PA: Christine Christensen 

 Christine Christensen gave a verbal report.  Info was sent out via e-mail 


  I.  Curling-CHH Craig Campbell 

Craig Campbell gave a verbal report:   Information was sent out via e-mail: 

PA owe $90

HW owe $45

JLI owe$ 90


J.  Snowboarding-Aub Dan Ray/Colin Bush 

More information to come


 K. Skiing-Cole Harbour-Craig Campbell/Derek Nichols 

  Information was sent out via e-mail.  Provincials take place March 9th.


L. Field Hockey-SJA: Kelly MacDonald/ Sue McMaster 

Kelly MacDonald gave a verbal report.  The first draft of the schedule was sent out via e-mail,


 M. Boys Rugby- CHH- Craig Campbell/Steve Lennihan 

Craig Campbell gave a verbal report: information on the coaches meeting will be sent out soon via e-mail probably will be same as the girls meeting.


N. Girls Rugby- Aub: Colin Bush/ Kevin Wheatley 

     Information has been sent out via e-mail


O. Badminton County- Lockview: Steve Wilcox/Jake Crawford

SteveWilcox gave a verbal report: Information was sent out via e-mail



 P. Badminton Metro-Halifax West: Donna Duggan         

   Donna Duggan gave a verbal report: Information was sent out via e-mail



  Q. Table Tennis

 Erica Ans gave a verbal report: Information will be sent out on dates via e-mail.



New Business:

The lacrosse information was sent to schools via e-mail.


If a school has two rugby teams there cannot be movement of players from one to the other after the teams are picked and 1         team has to be declared for provincial play downs.


Track and Field dates are as follows:

County May 16-17

City May 18-19

Regionals May 25-26

All at Beazley Field in Dartmouth.



Meeting Adjourned 7:52 pm  

Moved: Roy Snook

Seconded: Trevor Doyle



Respectfully submitted,

Craig Campbell