The 12th Annual Metro High School Lacrosse Tournament


Will take place April 19th to April 23rd 2016.  During the week the games will be held in the late afternoon and evening. Weekend games will be held during the day.


DATE:                                    April 19th to 23rd  ending with semi finals and finals on Saturday

            PLACE:                                 All games played at the Bedford Le Brun Arena

            COST:                                     $410.00 per team  3 games guaranteed with the possibility of 5 games

            ENTRY DEADLINE:         
April14th 2016 if possible could you send me a team roster for each of your teams 

            SCHEDULE:                         Attached


Girls:                                      there will be a girls division with 5 teams playing CLA rules



As always the tournament will maintain high standards and zero tolerance for fighting or abuse of officials


The following conditions will apply:


1.      All games will be played by the Canadian Lacrosse Rulebook.

2.      All games will be refereed by Certified Officials of Lacrosse NS

3.      Each team will have a qualified coach and a teacher liaison in the arena.

4.      All players/goaltenders will be equipped with approved CLA/CSA equipment.

5.      Inappropriate conduct from any person(s) at any time during the tournament will be suspended from the tournament and expelled from the arena.

6.      Fighting will be immediate suspension from tournament and a follow up with the school Athletic director and administration.

7.      Tie breakers will be a. head to head, (b) Goals for divided by goals for = goals against, (c.) goals allowed (d). coin toss

8.      All games are 15 min. periods run time, with 3rd period last period 5 min stop time except for finals they will be 20min run time and 3rd period last 5 min stop time.

9.      Ties at the end of game play stay as ties except for the semi finals and finals. They are a 5 min over time followed by another 5 min overtime sudden death

10.  points are 2pt for the win, 1pt for the tie and 0 for the loss

Please review these conditions with your administrator/ Athletic director. Cheques to be made out to Metro High School Athletic Association



Mike Smeltzer
Athletic Director
Halifax West High School

283 Thomas Raddall Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3S 1R1
Phone (902) 457-8900 ext 5601266

Metro High School Box Lacrosse Coordinator