The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Wednesday June 22nd 2016

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Location: Scott Pellerineís House



Amanda LeBlanc


Scott Pellerine


David Algee


Anton Berry


Jarred Griffiths


Susan Beazley


Donna Duggan


Jodi Joudrey


Mike Smeltzer


Adam White


Jordan Murphy


Bob Mayo


Annette Sherlock


Steve Wilcox


Erica Ens


Jill Jeffrey








Sends Regrets:      

Craig Janc


Guy Fortin


Shane Joseph


Jason Scott


Sean Kent


Jean Francois Valade





The meeting opened at 1:39 p.m.



Introductions were made and the meeting was chaired by Sue Beazley. Welcome to Steve Gallant Executive Director of NSSAF.


3.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES for April, 2016


Moved:            Steve W.                       

Seconded:       Jarred G.







The Chair, Susan Beazley reported the following financial information:


                                Shares: $ 360.30

                                    Plan 24: $ 20.38

                                    Cheque: $ 12 444.80



Donna will hand out the year-end financial statement in September when all cheques from this season have come in.







We did further discuss how leagues will be tiered next year. Some different scenarios were discussed and it was concluded that they may be different for every sport. We came up with a template that should be used as a guide; it is being used now by the soccer league where the tiers are originally based on school population. After consultation with ADís and coaches the coordinator can take into account records from the previous season, and place teams up or down in the tiers from season to season. Tier two teams cannot be seeded higher than tier one teams in the playoffs moving forward in any league, however some tier two teams should be included in the playoffs of the league, and may possibly be able to win the tier 1 banner.





Thanks to everyone for all they do. Donna discussed the HRM gym time usage next year where all dates for the year need to be in by June 30th. Some issues were discussed for some schools like Sackville High and P.A. Donna suggests for you to talk to Principals and make sure you have things in place to the best of your ability by June 30th. Look at all the information for all sports from NSSAF and think ahead to next year. Three divisions are going to happen next year. You can apply to move up or down, look for the NSSAF bulletin to get more information. Presented Darrell Dempster with a banner for retirement. Thanks Darrell for all of your hard work and best of luck from all of us in the metro association in retirement. It has been a pleasure working with you.






Boys Rugby - CH: Amanda LeBlanc/Steve Lenihan

Report was sent out by Steve L. on Monday this week to all ADís, some suggestions were made for changes next season in report, and successes of the league this year were discussed. One highlighted point for next year is making sure players and coaches are to stay in your area on the sideline.


Girls Rugby -  CIT: Jordan Murphy

No major issues, one HRM cancellation put the tier two playoff game on hold. Looking into one game that was stopped 17 minutes early. All else seemed to go well. Report was emailed out to all ADís for the league today.


Track and Field - HW: Donna Duggan

All went well. Jason Murphy went above and beyond again to make everything go smoothly. Thanks to everyone who helped out. We host Provincials again next year.


Field Lacrosse - SJA: Scott Pellerine/Brendan Smithson

Report was sent out on Wednesday to all ADís from Brendon. Some successes and challenges were outlined, and overall it was noted that the league had fewer numbers this year, mainly due to the later start date. Brendon would like to continue to grow the sport again next year and is working with Lacrosse Nova Scotia to do so through school leagues as well as P.E. programs. If you are interested in having Lacrosse N.S. help out with your P.E. or team programs contact Brendon.


Boys and Girls Softball - MILL: Adam White

Adam sent out an email to all ADís on Wednesday, highlights of the tournament were discussed and all went well. Seemed to be growing each year. Provincials are here next year.


Box Lacrosse - HW: Mike Smeltzer

Box Lacrosse all went well it keeps growing, five girls teams. We had to go to Lebrun this year. Report was emailed out for the league today.



9. New Business

Amanda LeBlanc discussed the possibility of getting 200 bibs for skinning next season. Some have been ordered and are at Wentworth according to Darrell.


Scott Pellerine discussed the possibility to try and have certified medical personnel at all rugby games next season (ex: physiotherapists with concussion training). It was put out to get the feeling from the AD group who participate in Rugby if this is something that may be possible for next season. Coordinators will look into getting this set up for next season? Jordan does not mind getting started on organizing this with some help getting in touch with qualified professionals. Scott will contact Jeff Walsh their football physio and see if he can get some people involved from his clinics. We can get an update on this in the fall meeting, it seems like all schools involved in Rugby want this to happen for next season for both leagues in a cost sharing scenario. What about rugby 7ís is that a safer game for high school sport, this point was brought up by Steve Gallant?


Jill Jeffery discussed the possibility of preseason turf time for all teams, can we get pre league turf time? All teams should have access to turf for full contact at least a week or two before the season starts. Can this be done?


Scott Pellerine - Boys and Girls Soccer meeting Tuesday September 6th 7pm at Halifax West.


Frank Hubley - Boys hockey - Frank is concerned with the Midget elite league. Concern is you may lose some grade 10s. This is not finalized but it may be before next season.


Jodi Joudrey - Playtex is starting a grant program CPA took part in this and Jodie will inform us with more information about the grant.


Sue Beazley - Confirmed coordinators for next season, some issues will be baseball and girls hockey. If they are not in place by September the leagues may not happen. If you have anyone who is willing to take these on please contact Sue as soon as possible. Sue will send out the list of coordinators for next season.




Meeting Adjourned at 3:02


Moved:   Jarrett  G.

Seconded:    Erica E. 


Next meeting will be Monday September at Halifax West at 7pm.


If you have anything you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Sue Beazley or Scott Pellerine one week prior to the next meeting.



Respectfully submitted,


Scott Pellerine