The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday, June 19th, 2007.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: 312 Brookside Road



Sue McMaster            SJA                                                  Donna Duggan  HFW              

Darrell Dempster         NSSAF/CH                                     Paula Syms                   Lockview

Frank Hubley              HW                                                  Kyle Burchell                Millwood

Steve Brine                 Eastern Shore                                   Kevin Julien                  JLI

Ryan Connors             QEH                                                Trevor Doyle                St. Pat’s          

Bruce Chanter             Lockview                                         Colin Bush                    Auburn

John MacDonald          Prince Andrew                                Annette Sherlock          Sacred Heart   

Sue Beazley                  Armbrae                                         Mary Coughran            Sackville          

Sue McMaster             Sir John A                                       Ray Robertson             CPA   

                                                                                           Dave Hubley                CPA

Sends Regrets:             

Kevin Epp                    Dartmouth High

Tim McGarrigle            Grammar




The meeting opened at 1:30pm and was chaired by Paula Syms.                   



2.     APPROVAL OF MINUTES – April 23rd, 2007.

     Moved: Kyle Burchell 

Seconded: John MacDonald




a.      The treasurer, Donna Duggan, submitted the 2006-2007 Year-End Financial Information.









Motion #1

A coordinator of any sport, who gives a suspension to a coach, needs to inform the Athletic Director and the Principal of the school involved.


For         17

Against    0                                    Motion Carried

Abstain    0


     Basketball Proposal:

The coaches of Metro Division 1 Basketball would like to see the following change to the Division 1 Basketball Provincial.  The Host Team must play their way into the Championship.  If they do not qualify, then they do not play in the tournament but remain as the Host.


     This needs to be presented at the school level.

Discussion occurred.  Please discuss this with your basketball coaches.




     Darrell Dempster submitted a written report via e-mail.  

Fall Workshop will be September 20th & 21st.

Jamborees have to be sanctioned by NSSAF.





a. Field Hockey: Armbrae: Sue Beazley

Sue Beazley submitted a written report.



All schools in the Metro High School Athletic Association Field Hockey League must have proper boards completely running the entire length of the sidelines.


Moved: Sue McMaster

Seconded: Sue Beazley


b. Girls Rugby: Sir John A: Lindsay Willow/Sue McMaster

   Sue McMaster submitted a written report.

   Issues in Rugby were discussed.

   Kevin Wheatley (Citadel High) will be coordinating next year.



c. Boys Rugby: QEH: Ryan Connors

    Ryan Connors submitted a written report.

    Issues in Rugby were discussed and are being dealt with.



d. Track & Field (City): DHS: Paul Malic & HFW: Donna Duggan

Donna Duggan gave a verbal report.

A formal report will be e-mailed.



e. Track & Field (County): CPA: Dave Hubley

Dave Hubley submitted a written report.




1.     Metro purchase a full set of throwing implements which can be used for all meets. They should be the new weights.

2.     We drop the D-class division. This division was created over 25 years ago when there were a small number of schools.

3.     We will advance the same number of special athletes to the Regionals as we do for the other divisions.

4.     We only advance 4 relay teams to the Regionals.

5.     We only register 3 athletes per event. This will prevent us from having 55 to 60 participants in the long jump.


     The above recommendations were all approved by the voting members of

    the meeting.



f. Track & Field (Regional): CPA/Mill: Dave Hubley & Jason Murphy

Dave Hubley submitted a written report.




g. Cheerleading: Prince Andrew: John MacDonald

John MacDonald gave a verbal report.

The report was e-mailed to the schools.



h. Boys & Girls Slow-Pitch: Millwood: Kyle Burchell

Kyle Burchell submitted a written report.



i. Boys & Girls Fastball: Eastern Shore: Danny Julien

Steve Brine gave a verbal report for Girls Fastball.



j. Lacrosse (Boys): Dartmouth : Gord Puddifant/Kevin Epp

Absent. No report.


Suggestion: That Lacrosse remains as a tournament sport and not a league.



New Coordinators List: This list is partially complete and will be distributed at the first meeting in September.  If you are aware of new individuals coordinating, please send their contact information as soon as possible to me or bring it with you in September.


We are in need of Coordinators for the following sports:


Boys B Basketball

Girls Fast Pitch




a.      Executive for 2007-2008 

     Chair          Trevor Doyle

     Vice-Chair Ray Robertson

     Secretary   Donna Duggan

     Treasurer   Donna Duggan



b.     Soccer Discussion:

For September, schools will need to pay $500.00 per soccer team for the 2007 Season. (i.e. $500.00 for boys and $500.00 for girls)



Thanks to all Athletic Directors, Coordinators and Principals for another successful year.



Meeting Adjourned at 2:50 pm

Moved:   Frank Hubley

Seconded:   Dave Hubley

Next meeting will be September 10th (tentative).

Location: Halifax West


If you have something you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Donna Duggan (457-8900/5601264) one week prior to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Donna Duggan