The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday February 24th, 2014,

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West




Peter Moores


Scott Pellerine


Jill Jeffrey


Kelly MacDonald


Tim McGarrigle


Susan Beazley


Steve Harris


Steve Wilcox


Adam White


Trevor Doyle


David Algee

JL Ilsley

Roy Snook


Ray Robertson


Bob Mayo


Jordan Lewis


Annette Sherlock


Erica Ans


Craig Janc



Sends regrets: 


Guy Fortin


Donna Duggan


Tamara Muise


Patrick Hatfield




Jean-Franacois Valade




The meeting opened at 7:0pm


2.  INTRODUCTIONS: meeting was chaired by Trevor Doyle.                      


3.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES for January, 2014      

Moved:  Roy

Seconded: Tim                                         Approved




A report will be submitted next meeting. 




a.          Regional Qualifying Tournament Draw (Basketball) Tim


Concerned with the way the qualifying tournament is set up. Sackville the #1 seed had to cross over and lost that game so were penalized and did not make the provincial tournament.

 This format was followed to give the teams an opportunity to play their way in, in case the committee got it wrong with the ranking system. Trevor agrees that they do not always get it right, but they try. Darrell mentioned in a conversation with Trevor that this is the way it is done across the country and he has not heard of a better way yet.


Is it possible to have it set up so it is not a one and done style tournament? Does it have to be 8 teams? Could it be 6 instead? Can the basketball coaches come up with a way to make it fair and get the best teams to the provincials more consistently? NSSAF will entertain suggestions to get the best teams to provincials.


b.          Metro Appeals Process- process, confirmation of committee, timelines Discussion? Jill


Perception of don't waste your money, don't bother. She does not like that, why can we appeal if this will not change?

What about a time line? Jill thought there was a 72 hour timeline on an appeal. Trevor pointed out that there is not timeline with a decision, 48 hours to get the information from the league coordinator out to teams, but no timeline for a decision on an appeal. For an appeal there is no timeline because it takes too long to go through all of the information.


Jill asked "Do we need a timeline?" Why could we not have a conference call? Communication could be better as a result.


Trevor mentioned that we should not be able to overturn an officials judgment in situations of an appeal. It is up to officials to make the call, and we should uphold their decision of the infraction and how they write it up. They make judgment calls, and if the athletes are written up for an infraction we need to up hold that as a committee.


c.          Motion for four (4) Officials for MHSH League -implementation fall 2014. - Jill


Formal motion presented by Jill, seconded by Steve Wilcox. Discuss this with coaches and Principals for the next meeting for a vote.


d.          Motion for the video taping of MHSH League games-- Phased in over 2014-2015 season - Jill


Formal motion presented by Jill, not seconded so it is withdrawn.


Adam suggested that this is something you take care of on your own. Trevor mentioned that we will be getting into second guessing the officials for all calls, how many issues are we opening up?






Thanks to schools who have covered all of the Regional and Metro Championships. Guidelines for hiring a coach has been sent out by the board, if you have not seen this you should get it from your principal. We are in need of someone to take over ity Badminton.  If we do not get that soon, only players from county will go to provincials. Jason is looking for people to run meet manager and set up meets for track and field.  He will hold information sessions on this sometime in April.




a.Boys Hockey - Halifax West: Roy Snook/Frank Hubley

        Regional tournament this weekend in Sackville. All is going well so far.


b.        Girls Hockey- JLI: David Algee

Final four are set CPA has won the banner. CPA will host the provincials this year. Dave will send out information on the league later this month.


c.         Wrestling- Lock Steve Wilcox

Numbers have gone down, by adding the juniors the numbers have not gone up at all thus year. Steve suggested this be a provincial tournament and we just use metro school points in this to award the banner.           

       Wrestling Regionals Western Region SJA Dave Lade/Scott Pellerine

       All went well.


d.     Field Hockey SJA Scott Pellerine/Sue McMaster

Sending out the schedule soon. A tournament at Dartmouth High March 21st and 22nd.


e.   Skiing CH Pat Hatfield/ Derek Nichols

Last race tomorrow.


f.   Snowboarding AUB Erica Ens/ Dan Ray

Metros will be hosted on Wednesday.


g.   Badminton (City)  

Need help to run this, a possibility of running it at two venues? Talk to your  coaches about this. Steve will help out if  someone will host.


Badminton County) LOCK Steve Wilcox

Package will be sent out this week. Thursday March 27 at SHS. Regionals will be April 2nd at SHS. Provincials will also be at SHS on the 11th and 12th


h.   Boys Basketball CIT Steve Harris

Provincials are hosted by Citadel. Thanks to everyone for organizing the gym time for play offs. We are going to try to do an all star event at Citadel after March break.


i.           Girls Basketball DART Kelly MacDonald

Season was great. Getting ready to play the All Star game.


j.     Boys J.V. Basketball FOUNT - Peter Moore

Went well. Citadel won the league. The regionals were won by Citadel as well for the tournament at CPA. The league was very big 17 teams, was set up into two divisions.


 k.    Girls J.V. Basketball SH Anette Sherlock

Went well, six team playoff and Citadel beat CPA.


 l.     Boys Rugby - CH - Pat Hatfield/ Steve Lennihan

Steve will send out information this week for a meeting Monday March 3rd, Cole Harbour High at 5:30.

Pat will send out information to everyone this week.


 m.    Girls Rugby - SJA - Scott Pellerine/Lindsay Hilton

Waiting to hear back from HRM to confirm the fields. The league games will most likely be on Monday and Thursday on all three turf fields.

Ice breaker tournament at Lockview, Steve will send out information this week. Admission based on first team to get money in.


  n.     Curling - Roy Snook - HW/ AG McRae and Melina MacNeil SJA


Regional finals were today. Provincials will be at the Sackville curling club March 21st 22nd.


o.     Cheerleading - AUB:  Erica Ens


p.     Field Lacrosse SJA Scott Pellerine/ Brendon Smithson

There is a possibility of a 7 8 team league in the Metro region this year. Brendon has been in contact with some of the new schools this year already. He is trying to get CPA turf and one division will play there. Possible start date of April 21st.


8. New Business

Roy - both boys and girls soccer teams should submit the no play dates they may want for tournaments next season. Send them into Roy by May 1st before we meet with HRM to book field time.


9. Meeting Adjourned at 8:21pm

Moved: Sue Beazley

Seconded:  Roy Snook


Next meeting will be March 31st at Halifax West 7pm.


If you have anything you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Donna Duggan or Scott Pellerine one week prior to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Scott Pellerine