Metro Cross Country Championship Series 2015


Metro and Regional Coordinator: Jodie Joudrey (; 902-222-4483(c))


Race Schedule:


Meet 1 Thursday Sept. 24, 2015 Inglis St School / Goresbrook School Field


Meet 2 Thursday Oct. 1, 2015 Point Pleasant Park (Sailorís Memorial)


Meet 3 Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015 Hemlock Ravine (Bedford Highway to Kent Ave.)


Regional Championships Thursday Oct. 15, 2015 Point Pleasant Park


Provincial Championships  


1. Please email the Coordinator the following, in the requested format, for all of your runners who might compete in any of the metro races by Tuesday, Sept 22 at 4:00pm:


firstname lastname class ex:

Jacob Wing SB

Sarah Smith SG

Bob Brown IB

Kara Watson IG


Junior Girls (JG) and Junior Boys (JB) are those under the age of 14 as of September 30, 2015. (these athletes do not race in metros)

Intermediate Girls (IG) and Intermediate Boys (IB) are those under the age of 16 as of September 30, 2015.


There is no problem in sending names of runners who in the end do not race, but it makes the Coordinatorís job easier if all names are emailed prior to the beginning of the Series. If you have additional athletes, please forward their names to the Coordinator as soon as possible so lists can be updated.


2. Teams are encouraged to help out at the race. People may be needed to help marshal the course or help at the finish line.


3. Depending on the number of runners per race, schools may have to line up their runners in single file behind their first runner at the start line.


4. Distances for Regionals will be as follows. Distances for the Metro Cross Country Championship Series may be somewhat shorter or somewhat longer.


Junior Girls* 3km

Junior Boys*, Intermediate Girls 4km

Intermediate Boys, Senior Girls 5km

Senior Boys 7km

* Do not compete in the Metro Series.


5. Please prepare your athletes for the weather. Only under severe weather conditions will the races be cancelled.  An email will go out to ADís by noon of the day of a race and it will be posted to the athletics page of the CPA website and will be tweeted out by @cpaathletics. If a race in rained out I will try to run it the next day as long as we can get the location. This information will also go out using the methods listed above.


6. Coaches are to register their teams at least 20 minutes before their first race. This is to confirm the number of runners participating.


7. The following start times are presented as a guideline. Please arrive at least thirty minutes before the times indicated as the schedule may be altered on the day of the race.


Inglis St.

Point Pleasant


Hemlock Ravine

4:10 Coaches Meeting


4:10 Coaches Meeting


4:10 Coaches Meeting


4:20 Intermediate Girls


4:20 Intermediate Girls


4:20 Intermediate Girls


4:40 Intermediate Boys


4:40 Intermediate Boys


4:40 Intermediate Boys


5:00 Senior Girls


5:00 Senior Girls


5:00 Senior Girls


5:20 Senior Boys


5:20 Senior Boys


5:20 Senior Boys



8. During the Metro Cross Country Championship Series schools can enter only 1 team, but this team may have as many runners on it as they want. The school does not have to designate runners; instead the top four runners at each race from each school make up the team in terms of points awarded.


In order to be considered for team positioning per race each school team must have a minimum of four runners complete the race. Schools can have unlimited numbers in a race but only the first four will be used to determine the schoolís score. Schools are awarded a point value that corresponds to their position in each race as a team. The following is the points total for each team position:

1st - 12

2nd 10

3rd - 8

4th - 6

5th 5

6th - 4

7th - 3

8th 2

9th - 1


In the event of a tie for a certain race, it shall be resolved in favor of the team whose last scoring member finishes nearer the first place finisher.


The Metro Cross Country Championship Series championship school will be determined using the points earned from each race within the series. The points from each race are added to determine the champion.


In the event of a tie in the series, the finishes of the fourth highest scoring members will be used to resolve the tie. In the event that there is still a tie, the third highest scoring member will be used, and so on.


10. Results and standings will be emailed to coaches following each meet.


11. Runners are allowed to race up a classification, but must race in that same age classification for the entire Series.

Athletes may move up a classification in the series but are not permitted to drop back down.


12. Race results must be submitted to the Coordinator at the conclusion of a dayís races, at the race site. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification of the runners for whom results were not submitted


13. There is a onetime fee of $30 to compete in the metro series. This cost goes towards timing equipment supplies and results supplies. Cash or cheque made out to Charles P. Allen High School.