The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday, April 27th, 2009.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West High School



Donna Duggan            HFW                                       Adam White               Millwood       

Craig Campbell           Cole Harbour                          Trevor Doyle              Citadel

Tim McGarrigle           Grammar                                            Darrell Dempster         NSSAF/Lock

Sue Beazley                 Armbrae                                  Shandi Nickolet          JL Ilsley

Kevin Epp                   Dartmouth High                      Tamara Muise Eastern Shore

Annette Sherlock        Sacred Heart                           Mary Coughran           Sackville

John MacDonald         Prince Andrew                        Sue McMaster             SJA


Send Regrets:                                                                                       Absent:

Ray Robertson            CPA                                       Peter Moores               Sacred Heart 

Colin Bush                  Auburn                                                               

Frank Hubley              HFW  



The meeting opened at 7:10 p.m. and was chaired by Trevor Doyle.



2.     APPROVAL OF MINUTES – March 30th, 2009.

     Moved:    Tim McGarrigle

Seconded:  Kevin Epp 




a.     The treasurer, Donna Duggan, reported the following financial


      Shares         $   360.37

      Plan 24       $     20.23

      Checking     $  7888.33

      Equity         $     10.00


          Metro is holding $1480.00 in trust for Boys Basketball.






a. Game Sheet Submissions and Penalty for failing to do so.


Motion #1


The following protocol will occur in Metro when there is failure to report scores and submit game sheets within 48 hours. The coordinator of the sport will enforce the following regulations:

1st Offence: A warning letter from the coordinator will be sent to the Principal and Athletic Director of offending school and the Metro Executive.

2nd Offence: The offending school will be fined $50.00.

3rd Offence: The situation will be dealt with by the Metro Executive.      


Moved: Darrell Dempster

Seconded: Susan Beazley


(A form letter will be distributed to all sport coordinators. TD)




     Darrell Dempster gave a verbal report.

     The Ron O’Flaherty Scholarship deadline is May 8th.






a. Boy’s A Basketball: Prince Andrew: John MacDonald/Brad Martin

       John MacDonald gave a verbal report.

       Please talk to your coaches and principals regarding the following:


That the host team for Division 1 Boys' Basketball must win a competitive spot to compete in the provincial championship.


Please refer to e-mail that has been sent to all schools which explains the rationale of this proposal.



b. Girl’s A Basketball: Dartmouth: Kevin Epp

    Kevin Epp gave a verbal report.

    A report will be available at the next meeting.



c. Boy’s Hockey: Cole Harbour: Craig Campbell/Reg Bezanson

  Craig Campbell submitted a written final report.

NSSAF will be holding a meeting of all hockey coordinators in the province to clarify rules. Date TBA.



   d. Skiing: Dartmouth: Kevin Epp/Derek Nichols

       Kevin Epp gave a verbal report.

       A report will be available next meeting.



   e. Field Hockey: SJA: Sue McMaster

      Sue McMaster gave a verbal report.

      An e-mail has been sent to all schools.

      Citadel will be hosting the Tier I and Tier II Championships as well as                   the All-Star game.

 May 7th will be the 1st Annual Nancy Tokaryk Memorial Award

 Presentation. All schools are encouraged to attend. This will take place 

 after the championship game.



  f. Boy’s Rugby: Citadel: Trevor Doyle/Chris Sutton

      Trevor Doyle gave a verbal report.

      Some schools still need to pay fees.       



  g. Girl’s Rugby: Auburn: Colin Bush/Kevin Wheatley

     Trevor Doyle gave a verbal report.

     Website is working well.

     There were some issues of schools dropping out late.

     Looking at creating a second tier of teams that would play 10 v. 10 as

not all schools have a full traditional team.  If schools do choose to take part, you cannot declare for provincials.

Concerns regarding scheduling between rugby and field hockey were addressed but this is difficult for field hockey as there are very few referees.



 h. Badminton (City): Halifax West: Donna Duggan

      Donna Duggan submitted a written report.



i. Badminton (County): Lockview: Darrell Dempster/Jake Crawford

    Darrell gave a verbal report.



j. Track & Field City: Halifax West: Donna Duggan

    Donna Duggan gave a verbal report.

    Everything is now posted on the Metro Website.

    There will be a coaches meeting Thursday May 7th at 7pm in the library at Citadel High. Every school needs to 

   have a representative there.



k. Track & Field County: CPA: Dave Hubley

     Darrell Dempster gave a verbal report.

     Everything is now posted on the Metro Website.

    There will be a coaches meeting Tuesday May 6th at 7pm in the library at CPA. Every school needs to have a

    representative there.



l. Table Tennis: Sackville: Mary Coughran

    Mary Coughran gave a verbal report.

    All schools have been sent an e-mail.

    Entry fee for Thursday is $10.00.

    Provincials are in Musquodoboit.


m. Lacrosse: Dartmouth: Kevin Epp

      Kevin gave a verbal report.

     An e-mail will be sent to all schools soon.



n. Girl’s Fast Pitch: Auburn: Colin Bush

     Donna Duggan gave a verbal report.

     All schools involved have been sent an e-mail.

     Everything is booked.



o. Boys Fast Pitch: Eastern Shore: Danny Julien

     Tamara Muise gave a verbal report.



p. Slow Pitch: Millwood: Adam White

    Donna Duggan gave a verbal report.

    Round-Robin May14th

    Play-Offs May 15th

    Rain date May 25th &26th




    a. If you are interested in the Metro Executive, please let Trevor or Donna know ASAP.




Meeting Adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Moved:       Sue McMaster

Seconded:   Sue Beazley


Next meeting will be June.            

Location:  TBA

Meeting Dates: June Yahoooooo!



If you have something you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Donna Duggan (457-8900/5601264) one week prior to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Donna Duggan