The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday April 26, 2010.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West High School



Peter Moore


Jen Carswell


Darrell Dempster


Tamara Muise


Adam White


Trevor Doyle


David Algee

JL Ilsley

Dave Hubley 


Craig Campbell


Donna Duggan 


Cindy Wilson


Sue Beazley


Peter Halley


Kevin Epp


Annette Sherlock




Nigel Mailman





Sends regrets:      

Craig Janc


Sue Mc Master


Christine Christensen


Colin Bush


Roy Snook







The meeting opened at 7:09 p.m.



Introductions were made for the new participants and the meeting was chaired by Donna Duggan


3.     APPROVAL OF MINUTES for March, 2010.


Moved:        Trevor Doyle

Seconded:   Adam White




a.     The Chair, Donna Duggan reported the following financial

      Shares         $ 360.37

      Plan 24       $ 20.23

      Checking     $ 8412.86

      Equity         $ 10.00



        Hockey proposal has passed at the NSSAF Spring Workshop




     Trevor Doyle gave a verbal report

        Every NSSAF coach will have to have the Keeping the School in Sport Course by the 2012 season.  It will be delivered by the ADís and coach names will be stored in a provincial database.


        Wrestling coaches will be offered certification training next season.



        2010-11 Provincial sites and dates are set and have been modified to fit in with the Canada Games schedule.  Changes are as follows:

1.     There will be no Division 1 basketball qualifiers.

2.     Division 1 Basketball provincials will be the weekend of April 1.

3.     Hockey regional dates will change, provincial dates will stay the same.

4.     Wrestling Provincials will be the weekend of April 1.

5.     Cheerleading provincials will be held the last week of April.

6.     Rugby start up date will be on January 24.


        Celebration of School Luncheon will be held on May 7 at the World Trade and Convention Center.


        Capital will be hosting the Badminton, Baseball, Rugby (boys/girls), Soccer (D1 Boys, D3, and JV Boys), Fast Pitch (boys/girls), D1 Girls Volleyball and Wrestling.


        New Proposals sent to the board of Governors are as follows.

1.     In the student transfer rule they will be asking to see proof of abandonment of residence.

2.     To allow girls to play in a boys division if their school does not offer that same sport to girls.

3.     To move from four divisions down to three divisions.


        Metro congratulated Darrell Dempster on his new position beginning in August 2010 as Executive Director of the NSSAF.




None at this time.





A. Boys Hockey-Halifax West: Roy Snook/Donna Duggan/Frank Hubley

A final report will be sent out by coordinator Frank Hubley.


B. Cheerleading-PA: Christine Christensen.

Christine Christensen was away more info to follow.


C. Skiing-Dartmouth- Kevin Epp/Derek Nichols

Kevin Epp gave a verbal report, info will be sent out via e-mail.


D. Field Hockey-SJA: Sue McMaster

Jen Carswell gave a verbal report: please forward your cheques and all-star names to SJA.


E. Boys Rugby- Cit: Nigel Mailman/Chris Sutton

Nigel Mailman gave a verbal report, everything was going well.  Please get your fees in to Citadel High and the schedule is posted on the web site.


F. Girls Rugby- Aub: Colin Bush/ Kevin Wheatley

Colin Bush was away, more information to come.


G. Badminton County- LockView: Darrell Dempster/Jake Crawford

Darrell Dempster gave a verbal report, results were sent out via e-mail.


H. Badminton Metro-Halifax West: Donna Duggan          

Donna Duggan gave a verbal report; Results were sent out via e-mail.  Fees will increase to 5 dollars next year.  Regionals may move to a Friday/Saturday next year and Capital is looking for a school to host provincials next year.


I. Table Tennis-CHH Craig Campbell/Dave Denike

Craig Campbell Gave a verbal report; Thanks to Erica Ans from Auburn for doing a great job at hosting the tournament.  Every thing went great and results were mailed out.  Provincials will be hosted at Cape Breton Highlands Academy, more info to come.


J .Track and Field City Halifax West Donna Duggan:

Donna Duggan gave a verbal report; there will be a coaches meeting April 29th Citadel High each team is asked to please have a rep in attendance.


K. Track and Field City County CPA Dave Hubley

Dave Hubley gave a verbal report; there will be a coaches meeting April 28, 7pm in the library at CPA High School, Please be ready to say if your school will have Special Athletes competing.


L.  Lacrosse Dartmouth- Kevin Epp

Kevin Epp gave a verbal report and passed out a registration sheet to be faxed in to Bob Friesen (446-4771) by May 5th


M.  Slow Pitch Millwodd Adam White

Adam White gave a verbal report; Dates are May 14-15 at Halifax Commons.  Fees are 120 dollars please send to Millwood with cheques being made out to Millwood.   Information was sent via e-mail.  Balls and umps will be provided.


N. Fast Pitch Boys Eastern Shore Tamara Muise/ Danny Julian

Tamara Muise gave a verbal report; More info to come via e-mail.


O.  Fast Pitch girls Cole Harbour-Craig Campbell/Greg Veinotte

A tentative schedule and dates were sent out to participating schools.





9. New Business: 

A photographer and NSSAF have joined in a partnership to take pictures of Regional and Provincial events.  Pictures will be taken and orders can be bought on-line 



Meeting Adjourned at 7:54 pm

Moved: Sue Beazley

Seconded: Nigel Mailman




Next meeting will be in June. Location TBA


Respectfully submitted,

Craig Campbell