The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday, April 23rd, 2007.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West High School



Sue McMaster             SJA                                          Donna Duggan              HFW              

Darrell Dempster          NSSAF/CH                              Paula Syms                   Lockview

Tim McGarrigle            Grammar                                  Frank Hubley               HW

Steve Brine                   Eastern Shore                           Kevin Julien                  JLI

Ryan Connors               QEH                                        Trevor Doyle                St. Pat’s          

Bruce Chanter              Lockview                                  Colin Bush                    Auburn

John MacDonald          Prince Andrew                          Annette Sherlock          Sacred Heart   

Sue Beazley                  Armbrae                                   Mary Coughran            Sackville          

Sue McMaster             Sir John A                   



Ray Robertson             CPA   



Kevin Epp                    Dartmouth High                        Kyle Burchell                Millwood




The meeting opened at 7:15 p.m. and was chaired by Trevor Doyle.


2.     APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Monday, March 26th, 2007.

     Moved: Bruce Chanter

Seconded:  Ryan Connors



a.      The treasurer, Donna Duggan, reported the following financial


      Shares         $360.37 

      Plan 24        $20.15

      Checking     $3689.95

      Equity          $10.00






The issue at Auburn has not yet been resolved. A ruling needs to be made as soon as possible.




a. Provincial Football Bills

Detailed bills need to be sent to all schools. Paula Syms will be in contact with HRM (Jim Naugler) to discuss the circumstance with the lack of detail on the bills and the procedures schools need to follow for payment.




     Darrell Dempster gave a verbal report.

Minutes were circulated via e-mail (not yet approved).

If you have any questions, please forward them to Darrell.

Fair Play Award recommendations are due May 4th.





a. Boys’ Basketball (A): Prince Andrew: John MacDonald/Brad Martin

Brad Martin submitted a written report.

Concerns of the hosting format were discussed.

There was a discussion of having FIBA rules clinic in the Fall.



The coaches of Metro Div. 1 Basketball would like to see the following change to the Div. 1 Basketball Provincial.
1. The Host Team must play their way into the Championship.  If they do not qualify then they don't play in the tournament but remain as the Host.

1. All the benifits of hosting can still be realized without the host team actually
playing in the tournament.

2. A host team playing without being good enough to qualify, skews the tournament in favor of the Number 1 seed who get an unreasonably easy game in the first round. In 2 of the past 3 years, the hosts have been very badly beaten.


3. With the strength of Division I Basketball it does not make sense to have a team in the tournament who are not good enough to qualify, when there are so many more competitive teams forced to miss the tournanment.  For whatever the reason, the host selection committee is 0-3 in picking a host that actually qualifed for the tournament.



b. Boys’ Basketball (B): Prince Andrew: John MacDonald/Brad Martin

Brad Martin gave a verbal report.

We will need a new coordinator for next year.



c. Boy’s Hockey: Cole Harbour: Darrell Dempster/Reg Bezanson

Darrell Dempster submitted a written report on behalf of Reg Bezanson.

Please read the “Issues” stated in this report.

Verbal abuse of coaches at referees should not be happening. The coordinator can enforce stiffer rules.



A coordinator of any sport, who gives a suspension to a coach, needs to inform the Athletic Director and the Principal of the school involved.


Moved: Kevin Julien

Seconded: Tim McGarrigle




d. Girls’ Hockey: Auburn: Colin Bush/Paul Bates

Colin Bush submitted a written report on behalf of Paul Bates.

CH, ES, JLI, Mill, West, SJA and CPA need to pay the $30.00 honorarium to Auburn Girls Hockey for the assignor.



e. Snow Boarding: Colin Bush/Dan Ray

 Colin Bush gave a verbal report.

    There will be the addition of the Junior High Schools next year.





f. Field Hockey: SJA: Sue McMaster

Sue McMaster gave a verbal report.      

Schools need to submit their final scores. Statistics for the league are delayed as a result.

For next year, schools who do not submit scores will receive a forfeit for     that game. There will be 48 hour deadline.



g. Badminton (City): HFW: Donna Duggan

   Donna Duggan submitted a final report.



h. Badminton (County): Lockview: Paula Syms

    Paula Syms gave a verbal report.  



i. Girls Rugby: Sir John A: Lindsay Willow

 Sue McMaster gave a verbal report.

 An e-mail has been sent to all schools involved.


j. Boys Rugby: QEH: Ryan Connors

Ryan Connors gave a verbal report.

There will be a league fees installment due as a result of schools dropping out of the league. More information will be sent to all schools involved.  



k. Track & Field City: Halifax West/Dartmouth:

                                     Donna Duggan/Paul Malick

    Donna Duggan gave a verbal report.


     City                  May 16th & 17th

     Rain Date         May 18th

     Regional           May 23rd & 24th

     Rain Date         May 25th

     Provincial         June 1st & 2nd


Information is posted on the website.




l. Track & Field County: CP Allen: Dave Hubley

    Donna Duggan gave a verbal report.


     County             May 14th & 15th

     Rain Date         May 18th

     Regional           May 23rd & 24th

     Rain Date         May 25th

     Provincial         June 1st & 2nd


Information is posted on the website.



m. Table Tennis: Sackville: Mary Coughran

 Mary Coughran submitted a written report.



n. Cheerleading: Prince Andrew: John MacDonald

 John MacDonald gave a verbal report.



o. Softball: Millwood: Kyle Burchell

An e-mail was sent to all schools.

Tournament dates are May 18th and May 22nd with a rain date of May 25th.



p. Fast Pitch (Boys & Girls): Eastern Shore: Danny Julien

     Steve Brine submitted a written report.

     All schools involved MUST contact Danny Julien by April 27th.

     So far for boys fast pitch there is only Eastern Shore.



q. Lacrosse: Dartmouth: Gord Puddifant

     This event will happen at the end of May.

     There is difficulty with rink scheduling

     Information will be sent to schools.






    a. Football Jamboree

        Discussion occurred.

Concerns were raised as to whether or not this event should occur
as it does not follow Metro/NSSAF rules.  If play dates/start up dates are enforced, this does not apply to the Football Jamboree. This becomes a safety concern.

This will be taken to the Annual General Meeting.

A letter will be written.


b.     Start-Up Dates

Instead of stating the week of when a sport can start, stating a definite date would be better. (i.e. The third week of September….change to September 15th.)






Meeting Adjourned at 8:45pm

Moved: Sue Beazley

Seconded:  Paula Syms


Next meeting will be June!

Location:  312 Brookside Road

The date and time will be e-mailed to all schools.


Meeting Dates: September


If you have something you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Donna Duggan (457-8900/5601264) one week prior to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Donna Duggan