The Metro High School Athletic Association

Date: Monday January 25th 2016.

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax West



Amanda LeBlanc


Scott Pellerine


David Algee


Erica Ens


Shane Joseph


Susan Beazley


Steve Wilcox


Jodi Joudrey


Adam White


Sean Kent


Jordan Murphy


Bob Mayo


Jill Jeffrey


Donna Duggan


Annette Sherlock






Sends Regrets:      

Craig Janc


Guy Fortin


Jean Francois Valade


Jason Scott


Anton Berry


Mike Smeltzer





The meeting opened at 7:04 p.m.



Introductions were made and the meeting was chaired by Sue Beazley.


3.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES for November, 2015


Moved:  Shane J.                                

Seconded: Steve W.                






The Chair, Susan Beazley reported the following financial information:


                                Shares: $360.30

                                    Plan 24: $20.38

                                    Cheque: $17 235.52










Thank you to all volleyball coordinators for all of your work and effort, many hours put in. Remind basketball coaches of the upcoming score reports from play outside our league used to set regional playoffs. Thank you to all basketball coordinators. Remember a Regional game takes priority over Metro games because of deadlines. Cross Country recommendation has been approved. There will be two openings on the board of governors as well as the Executive Director position for next year.




Boys Hockey - HW: Mike Smeltzer/Frank Hubley


Playoffs start Feb 11th the top 4 teams have a buy for that round and the bottom 8 playoff, still waiting for some games to be played before Frank can send out the schedule to coaches and AD's
March 4 - 6 is the regional tournament held at Sackville Arena, and league awards will be given out then.
Some teams are involved with the Children's Wish fund and donating the gate for that game. (Via email)


Girls Hockey- JLI: David Algee


As mentioned previously Regional Tournament to be Played Monday-Tuesday, Feb. 22-23 at BMO.

        Goalline Website error (Shut-out bonus pt.) -

Some problems because of relying on the website to work, as well as all coaches to have it updated on time. The bonus shut out was not supposed to happen, I sent out the proper standings today. Any game entered before December will still have errors, coaches have to go back in and save those games again to fix the problem. The most current standings were sent out today.


        Make-up games -


Still one to do, get them in to me as soon as possible so we can get them in.


        Snow Day procedures -


No games or practices on snow days. Make sure coaches know.


        Hosting Tournaments -


Anything over a school holiday please make sure you have a teacher rep at all games. It is important to have someone to be on site that has access school rules. If you are attending or running a tournament this is important.


        For next season, any game where a team does not have 10 skaters they would have to forfeit that game. Following regulation 25.11 in the NSSAF handbook. This will apply to every game.


Wrestling- LOCK: Steve Wilcox


Date is February 20th. Package will be sent out soon. There will not be a snow day for this.  East Regionals are at Sackville High and West Regionals are at SJA. Information will be sent out on this soon.


             Boys Basketball – DHS : Anton Berry


Playoff format is set. Coaches have been advised of the regular season tie-break rules. Highest seeded teams will host playoff match up (I.E. #1 v #8, 1 would host the game) Coaches have been told to record/log their exhibition/tournament Win/Loss record. (sent via email)


            Girls Basketball – GRAM : Shane Joseph/Laurie Girdwood


Laurie will have dates out as soon as possible, all is running well.


             Boys B BasketballCPA/SOMM :  Jodi Joudrey/Paul Wozney and Graham Carter


Nothing to report. Playoffs will start on February 4th. For both tiers. Regionals will be February 8th at Eastern Shore.

Information from Sean Kent:

Division 2 Boys Regionals


Where : ESDH 35 West Petpeswick Road, Musquodoboit Harbour


When: Monday, February 8th


Schedule as follows

Teams (Home team first)

Game Time

Millwood (1) vs JL Isley(2)


Jl Isley(2) vs Eastern Shore(3)


Eastern Shore(3) vs Millwood(1)



There will be a very basic canteen on site with drinks, snacks etc


Eastern Shore will pay the travel allowance for officials and the 3 teams will split the regular costs.


# 1 Seed will then host # 2 on Wed, February 10th, time TBA


Contact Sean Kent at or by phone 902 877 5646 with questions or concerns


            Girls B Basketball – SH : Anette Sherlock


I will send something out soon. Regionals will start February 8th at Eastern Shore.


            Curling - SJA/HW : Scott Pellerine/ Melina McNeil, Mike Smeltzer/AG McRae


The regional event will be held at Mayflower Curling Club February 22nd, 24th, and 26th. Alternate date is February 29th. Schools can have teams in Boys, Girls, and Mixed divisions. All information should have been sent in to AG MacRae by January 14th.


            Skiing - CH: Amanda LeBlanc/ Derrek Nicholls


Information was sent out already. Starts Feb 9th, then 16th, 23rd and Provincials are March 9th, all races at Wentworth.


            Snowboarding - AUB/CIT: Erica Ens, Dan Ray/Jordan Murphy, Zeno MacDonald


Everything was sent out in an email. Open is February 19th, Metros are 24th and Regionals are the 29th. Provincials are March 7th. All at Martock.


            Badminton (County/Regional) - LOCK: Steve Wilcox


Will send out a package soon. Just looking at dates now thinking April 6th and 7th at Lockview for Metros.  There will be a deadline to get teams/players in and if coaches miss the deadline they will nor get their team/player in.


            Badminton City -


We need a city school to run this, Citadel can offer their school but will need a coordinator. Possible there might not be city badminton this year. All three levels are needed. Decision will be made at the end of this week.


            Boys Rugby - CH: Amanda LeBlanc/Steve Lenihan


Looking to have the first meeting at the beginning of March. Will get it out as soon as we know. Lockview is looking for April 2nd for a jamboree, Icebreaker.


Girls Rugby -  CIT: Jordan Murphy


Email will come out this week, same format is going to be followed as last year. Hope to have a meeting at the end of February.


Field Hockey - DART: Anton Berry/ Erin Schaus


Nothing sent.






Field hockey schools adopt the co operative process used by NSSAF. Armbrae, Sacred Heart and Halifax Grammar are looking at joining for this season. This is for Metro League only.



Moved: Sue Beazley

Seconded: Shane Joseph


9. New Business


Proposal was put together for spring workshop by Shane. He will send it out after it is modified.


Track and Field:


May 16th and 17th City; May 18th and 19th County;  May 25th 26th Regionals; June 3rd and 4th Provincials in Stellarton.




Meeting Adjourned at   8 : 24 pm


Moved:   Donna D.

Seconded:    Jill J.


Next meeting will be Monday February  29th at Halifax West 7pm.


If you have anything you wish to add to the agenda, please contact Sue Beazley or Scott Pellerine one week prior to the next meeting.


Respectfully submitted,


Scott Pellerine