Persuasive Paragraph Sample

An Editorial on Class Sizes in School


    As a senior at Patrick Henry High School, Iíve noticed that the greatest problem facing public schools is large class size. For the past three years, certain circumstances have allowed me to attend smaller classes in English and history. Now the pilot program is over, and I am once again enrolled in regular-size classes. Comparing the former experience with my current situation, in which my English class is comprised of more than 40 students, the advantages of smaller classes become readily apparent. In my current English class, effective teaching and learning have been sacrificed to the administrative advantage of fewer classes holding greater numbers of students. Although in terms of test scores the class has been deemed successful, student participation in such a large class is limited to a select few; individual conferences with the teacher are hard to get due to the sheer number of students; and papers take weeks to get graded. In smaller classes, however, it has been my experience that all students participate, classes are more focused and on task, and the teacher develops a closer relationship to the students. These factors allow students to learn and develop their abilities. They also allow teachers to effectively critique their students' work. Moreover, in small classes, students can develop working relationships with one anotheróa camaraderie nonexistent in larger classes. If the public school system were to cut class size in half, to approximately 15 to 20 students each, the benefits would manifest themselves immediately. If we wish to improve the level of education in public schools today, we must reduce class size.


Persuasive Essay Sample- Grade 6

Adopting a Pet from the Pound

Owning a pet from the pound or Animal Rescue League has many advantages. First of all, a child feels good about rescuing an abandoned or abused animal and giving it a whole new life. Besides, if the animals from the pound arenít adopted right away, they might be put to sleep. Having a pet also means lots of responsibilities. A child has to feed, clean up after, brush, and exercise the pet.

Another great advantage of having a pet from the pound is the price of these cute and cuddly animals. Pets from the pound cost only a few dollars while pets at a fancy pet store can cost hundreds of dollars.

Once you adopt a pet from the Animal Rescue League, it will quickly become a part of your family. If you are thinking of adopting a pet, you might consider choosing a dog or a cat. Dogs and cats can bring lots of happy times to a family, and they can be excellent companions for a person who lives alone or someone who has lost a loved one. Dogs are also a wonderful source of protection. Cats are funny, and they may help to calm people down when they are sad or mad.

Please consider adopting an animal. If you remember all of the advantages of adopting a pet from the pound, you might find the bird, mouse, hamster, dog, or cat of your choice.



Persuasive Essay Sample- Grade 9

Summer: 15 Days or 2 1/2 Months?


The final bell rings. Itís the last day of school, and summer has finally come! Students donít have to think about school for at least another 2 1/2 months. That is the way it should always be. Schools should continue using the traditional calendar and not a year-round schedule. There are numerous downsides to year-round schooling. It has no positive effects on education, it adds to costs, and it disrupts the long-awaited summer vacation.

Contrary to the well-accepted belief, year-round schooling has no constructive impact on education. Most year-round schedules use the 45-15 method: 45 days of school followed by 15 days off. Because of this, there are many first and last days of school. All those transitions disrupt the learning process. Also, there is no evidence of higher test scores. Due to that, many schools that change to year-round schedules end up switching back. For example, since 1980, 95 percent of schools that tried the year-round schedule changed back to a traditional calendar. It is obvious that changing to year-round schooling does not help students; therefore, why is the change necessary?

Like any other facility, keeping a school open requires a great deal of money. When a school changes to a year-round schedule, the costs skyrocket. Keeping school open in the middle of summer requires air conditioning, and that adds significantly to the schoolís expenses. The usual utility bills grow because of the additional open-school time. Finally, teachers must be paid for all the weeks they are working. With all these factors, the cost of keeping schools open becomes immensely high. For example, a high school in Arizona had a cost increase of $157,000 when they switched to year-round schooling. Some schools may not be able to handle such increases, and other schools that can handle these expenses could be doing better things with the money. Is year-round school really where the money should go?

An important part of a childís life is summertime. With year-round schedules, students would hardly have any time to relax. During the 15-day breaks, they would be thinking about their quick return to school. It would also be difficult to coordinate family vacations with parentsí work schedules. Similarly, children would not be able to go to most summer camps. One expert, Dr. Peter Scales, says, ďThe biggest plus of camp is that camps help young people discover and explore their talents, interests, and values. Most schools donít satisfy all these needs. Kids who have these kinds of [camp] experiences end up being healthier and have fewer problems.Ē Obviously, the summer is crucial to a childís learning and development. Why should this invaluable part of a young personís life be taken away?

It is evident that year-round schooling is not the best option for the school calendar. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional school year. Why change something that works so well? The final bell rings. Letís make sure this bell means that the ďrealĒ summer vacation has come.