Organizational Strategies
Teacher Tips & Suggestions
  • Time schedule

  • Actively going to the child to go through the desk

  • Colour coding (especially with visual-spatial issues)

  • Numbering and/or cueing (highlighting) - identifying marks as to where the student/class is in reading, etc.

  • Pictures, symbols (e.g. labeling a basket or storage place)

  • Shelf or special place to store some items (basket) / store less in desk

  • Reduce materials on desk

  • Use agendas for recording assignments / tasks

  • Hand out monthly calendars

  • Give step by step instructions

  • Give one task at a time - from LD OnLine

  • Provide student with a checklist / to do list to keep track of tasks/steps

  • Establish and keep a routine

  • Arrange for peer help, seating in complimentary groupings

  • Independent learning contracts

  • Monitor the child frequently / be supportive

  • Timer

  • Allow time to get organized, extra time to spend gluing/storing materials, extra time to complete activities

  • Writing name on everything the child has at school

  • Collecting school supplies in baggie and store communally

  • Plain school supplies / nothing that would distract

  • Adjust length of assignment - from LD OnLine

  • Use cue cards to help a student (or students) to focus on a required task. (See Sample Prompt Cue Cards in Teacher Tools section below.)

Tips from Supporting Student Success: Resource Programming and Services:

  • Use co-operative learning groups

  • Use classroom learning centres or stations

  • Plan interdisciplinary units

  • Set up independent study units

  • Use buddy systems

  • Use learning contracts

  • Develop a circle of friends

  • Arrange for mentoring

  • Arrange peer or cross-age tutoring

  • Use flexible grouping: group size, group composition

  • Offer self-correcting tasks

  • Vary leadership styles - teacher led, student led, co-operative

  • Vary levels of student independence

Teacher Tools
Resources and Web Links

Graphic Organizers

Helping Kids to Organize:

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