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Hello Students and Parents/Guardians,


On this website I have a different page for each of the schools I teach in. Each school page will have the class meeting times, homework and other news. I will try to keep the information up to date and useful. If you find something missing from the page or have something to ad please email me with the information.

Winterlude is a wonderful Halifax All City Music Department fundraiser and I welcome you to attend and enjoy the music. Please understand that none of my elementary school students will be playing violin or cello in that event. Some elementary students may be part of the honour choirs or Fiddlefax  which may be participating, but not as my violin or cello students.

NEW This Year: All String Students will be required to have a on-line registration completed.

Here is the link to the registration page on the Halifax All City Music Website



DOWNLOAD FORM J (Parent/GuardianTransportation of student form)

CBC News at Six October 29, 2015 - All About the Bass


I have been making audio recordings of my students for years. I wanted to have a record of the students performance levels and their progress. Audio recordings were made and given to the students or made available to the students on line. The recordings were review in class with the students.

I heard that the Nova Scotia Teachers Union had grants available for innovation in the classroom and I applied for one of the grants. I was successful with the application and received money to purchase 6 iPad mini’s to share in my classrooms.

Now students have the opportunity to compose and record their own pieces. These Compositiions and performances are to be kept for an individual on-going student portfolio. Students have been able to use the pictures and videos in class to improve on their skills.

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