Rima Majaess

Language Department, Citadel High School
1855 Trollope Street
Halifax, B4H 0A3, Nova Scotia


  • EAL-ESL 10-12, Literacy and numeracy, blended and experiential learning

  • EAL-LST 11-12, Learning strategies and technology integration

  • EAL-ESL 10, English second language course with a focus on communication skills

  • EAL-ESL11, English second language course with a focus on language arts skills

  • EAL-ESL10, English second language course with a focus on language arts skills

  • EAL-ESL, Academic Support across the curriculum

Education & Affilitations:

Research & Interests:

  • FSL/ESL Pedagogy,  Differentiated Instruction, RTi- closing gaps, Technology Integration and Communication, Restorative Practices

  • Nova Scotia Teachers Union, Nova Scotia Language Teachers Association, Canadian Teachers Federation-Projects Overseas

  • Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers, TESL NS, TESL Canada, British Council, Alliances Française, Goethe-Institute

  • Portfolio in Assessment, le Cadre Européen Commun de Référence, DELF et DALF

  • Model United Nations, Model Parliament, Human Right, World History, American Research Council


Our poster won the first prize as part of the International Human Rights Day held at North Preston Community Center (2011).



Citadel High School Model United Nations, Simulations of United Nations:


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