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Winston Churchill once said that Russia is "A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" ( The course of the Russian Revolution was the impetus for this sentiment. For over 100 years, the Russians were ready for a change; however, the changes came abruptly and the reforms were at a great cost. This webquest is designed to help students further understand the Russian Revolution through reading and analyzing both primary and secondary sources as well as studying pictures, tables, timelines, and maps. It begins with the Romanov Czars and ends with the rise of Stalin, spanning the years from 1825-1939.



Students are to create a Russian Revolution Magazine from 1825-1939, similar to one that would be found before, during and/or after the Russian Revolution. Within groups no larger than four students are to cover the following roles: reporters, photo journalists, and editors. Students may self select their roles as long as each role is covered. More than one role or an overlap of two roles is allowed. Within the Table of Resources below, there are links to help provide the students with the information that they will need to know in order to create their Russian Revolution Magazine.



Students are to explore the contents of the Table of Resources below by clicking on the Russian flag for the following topics: Conditions Before the Revolution; People of the Revolution; Terms, Ideas and Documents; Conflicts and Battles; Opposition to the Revolution; Pictures, Maps, Tables and Timelines. Within each of these topics there are numerous links in order to discover material and information for the students' articles. In addition, guiding or controlling questions as well as a brief summary of each site is included to help the students select the site and better understand the concepts.


Table of Resources

Conditions before the Revolution

People of the Revolution

Terms, Ideas and Documents

Conflicts and Battles

Opposition to the Revolution

Pictures, Maps, Tables and Timelines




1.  The number of articles and length of your magazine will be determined by the teacher (based on the number of students in your group).

2. Within the paper students must create articles that fall within each of the following categories: Biographies, Editorials, Battle and/or Conflict Descriptions, and Photo Journal Essays.

3. A clear understanding of the use of terms, ideas and or documents are necessary.

4. A minimum of three primary sources must be addressed in addition to secondary sources. For the primary sources, please be sure to use quotations

5. A variety materials including pictures as well as minimum of ONE Map and Timeline must be displayed and analyzed within the magazine articles.

6. A Bibliography and/or Works Cited in necessary stating the specific sites used.



Students will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

(40 points) 1. _____ Content: accuracy, use of terms, ideas & primary sources

(20 points) 2. _____Presentation: layout, organization, structure, creativity, color

(15 points) 3. _____ Variety of Articles and Materials explained in the Requirements

(10 points) 4. _____Grammar and Spelling

(10 points) 5._____ Length: size of newspaper, length and amount of articles

(5 points) 6. _____ Works Cited/Bibliography

This assignment will be worth 15% of your term two mark.



I hope that a great deal of learning took place during this process. This webquest would greatly supplement any world history chapter on the Russian Revolution.


Sources Used

Winston Churchill Quotes

Stalin Picture

You Are There: Change, Revolution and Power, Russian Revolution of 1917

Internet Modern World History Sourcebook: Russian Revolution Tsarist State

Nineteenth Century Russia

Waving Russian Flag

Five Year Plan Picture

Please see additional sites listed in the Table of Resources Links.