Community Service


Students in LDP 12 are required to complete a minimum of 5 hours of community service AND 5 hours of school service each term. Students will also give an oral presentation of their experiences at the end of each term. The following form must be completed and passed in on the presentation date.  Each term, the presentation and report will make up 10% of your mark.

Community Service Report

"Why is volunteering important in reaching your goals? Because volunteering gives you the opportunity to help others and in doing so, you help yourself. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to come in contact with people you would never touch on your daily routine of work and home. Volunteering opens your eyes to what is going on around us and what others are enduring on a daily basis. When you volunteer, you give others hope. You give them a chance to set goals and work toward their goals also. We are Not islands separate and unto ourselves. We are all a part of the main. When we volunteer, we can not help but benefit ourselves. Remember that we reap what we sow."  

"As you are working toward your goals, volunteer. Volunteer. Our country needs work a great deal of work. You can help change our country by volunteering.

In every town, we have illiteracy.
In every town, we have teenage pregnancies.
In every town, we have people wanting to learn to speak English.
In every town, we have poor children.
In every town, we have teachers needing help in their classrooms.
In every town, we have discrimination.
In every town, we have people not registered to vote.
In every town, we have children who are molested or raped.
In every town, we have females who are assaulted and battered.
In every town, we have people doing drugs or selling drugs.
In every town, we have high school dropouts.
In every town, we have lonely, elderly people.

In every town in our country - we have a great need for volunteers.

Do not make excuses for not volunteering work, family, time. Make time to make a difference. You have a responsibility to your family and a responsibility to society. To be truly productive members of society we need to also work outside of our homes for change."

by Debra J. Gammons, Attorney at Law
July 6, 2000, Chicago, Illinois