History 11


Martin Luther

A Closer Look at his Life and Times

Use the notes you received in class and the Internet to search for the following answers.  Answer all questions in complete sentences.  Be sure to use reputable sites!

  1. Describe (in a paragraph) Luther’s life up until the time he graduated from university.
  2. Describe Luther’s early thoughts about religion.
  3. How did Luther find peace for his sins?
  4. How did Luther explain the ‘forgiveness of sins’ to the people of Wittenberg?
  5. What did Luther’s ’95 Theses’ show the people of Germany?
  6. Why did Luther nail the ’95 Theses’ to the church door?
  7. How did news of Luther’s ’95 Theses’ spread over Europe?
  8. What did the Pope charge Luther with?
  9. What is a ‘papal bull’?
  10. What was the ‘Diet of Worms’?
  11. Why wouldn’t Luther retract his statements about the Roman Catholic religion?
  12. What happened to Luther after he was declared an ‘outlaw’?
  13. What are the six main parts of the Small Catechism, and what is their significance to the Lutheran religion?
  14. Why did Luther translate the Bible into German?
  15. Search the Internet and copy any 5 of the ‘95 Theses’.  Do you agree with Luther?  Why or why not?