World War II Power Point Project

25% of Term 2

Presentations will begin on January 7/09.


  All students must be prepared to present on that day. vol6num1/wwII.html


Students will construct a Power Point Presentation on a World War II topic. As an alternate to the Power Point, you may do a creative project similar in nature to the WW I project.


The criterion for the Power Point is as follows:


         Presentations must be a minimum of 9 slides

         Presentation must be between 5-6 minutes if working on your own

and 7-8 minutes if working with a partner

         All slides must contain both pictures and text


         Each slide can contain no more than 10 words of text (excluding the title)

(This project is centered around the oral presentation, therefore minimal information is needed on the slides)

         Your title slide must contain the name of your topic, your name, class, date, and an image/picture


         Your last slide must be a bibliography where all books and websites used are sited.  You must use a minimum of two books.


         All images/pictures must be sited underneath the image/picture.

Your presentation must also include all of the following:

         Introduction to your topic

         overview of topic

         significance of the event/person/object

         timeline of events

         important people involved



Oral Presentation

Quality of Information presented

13-15~ voice is clear and concise.  Presentation maintains a good flow. Presentation is taken seriously.  Audience is engaged in the presentation.

9-10  ~ information is exceptional and complete

10-12~ most required material  included. Quality of voice is acceptable. Good overall presentation.

6-8 ~ information is of good quality

6-9~ some required material included.  Satisfactory effort.

4-5 ~ some info of acceptable quality

1-5~ Little attention and effort paid to presentation

1-3 ~ insufficient information

0    ~ not attempted

0    ~ not attempted

Good Luck!