The Russian Revolution Visual Representation

10% of Term 2

Students will create a visual representation of the events preceding, during, and succeeding the Russian Revolution (approximately 1905-1939). 

The following events and/or important people must be included:  The February Revolution, The October Revolution, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin, Rasputin, Nicholas and Alexandra, Aleksander Kerensky, Duma, Civil War, the Bolsheviks, U.S.S.R., and Bloody Sunday.


You may use the information contained on the History 11 page, as well as any  other independent research.  As always, the SHS library is an excellent place to find materials.

 It must be clear that you understand the terms and the events of Russia during this time.  Do not simply label pictures on a piece of bristol board.




Rubric ~ 10% of Term 2

8-10 - project is complete, passed in on time, factually correct, neat, has no grammar/spelling mistakes, time was used well in the computer lab.

6-7 - project is complete, passed in on time, shows satisfactory effort, has a few grammar/spelling mistakes

0-5 -project is not complete, passed in on time, there are several grammar/spelling errors, little effort is shown, time was not well spent in the computer lab.

Late assignments will not be accepted. webbook.asp?isbn=034061454