World War I

Web Quest


Answer all of the following questions by exploring the webpages that members of last year's class constructed.  This assignment must be completed independently.  Answer the following questions in complete sentences.  Answers must be completed and handed in tomorrow.  Today is the only day that you will have class time to complete the questions, so be sure to use your time wisely!  Good luck!


  1. What was the name of Germany’s plan at the Battle of the Marne?
  2. Describe this plan.
  3. Which country was victorious in the first Battle of the Marne?
  4. Why was the second Battle of the Marne a major turning point in World War I?
  5. What nationality was Alexandra Romanov?
  6. In what months were the two Russian Revolutions of 1917?
  7. What ended Russia’s involvement in WWI?
  8. What nation won the first Balkan War of Independence?
  9. What nations made up the alliance that wanted to remove the Turks from power?
  10. What is ethnic cleansing? (additional research required – do a Google search!)
  11. What were conditions like for Russian soldiers before the Revolution in 1917?
  12. When was the Battle of Passchendale?
  13. Besides bullets, what else were Passchendale soldiers scared of?
  14. Why is the Battle of Passchendale significant for Canadians?
  15. What were the “Blue Puttees”?
  16. What are colliers?
  17. How many Newfoundland soldiers wee killed at the Battle of the Somme?
  18. How many Canadians enlisted in WWI?
  19. Name 3 jobs that women did while WWI raged in Europe.
  20. List two expectations the Canadian government had for Canadian citizens during WWI.
  21. What was expected of Canadian children during WWI?
  22. How was the League of Nations created?
  23. When did the league disband?
  24. What new organization took its place?
  25. Who was the major force behind the creation of the League?
  26. Summarize Woodrow Wilson’s speech on September 25, 1919 in 10 sentences.
  27. In what war did Sir Douglas Haig fight under Sir John French?
  28. What is the BEF?
  29. When did Haig die?
  30. What relationship was Kaiser Wilhelm II to Queen Victoria?
  31. What was a major misconception about Wilhelm?
  32. At what conference was the Treaty of Versailles discussed?
  33. When was the Treaty of Versailles signed?
  34. What was the purpose of the League of Nations?
  35. Who was Georges Clemenceau?
  36. What two countries fought the Battle of Verdun?
  37. What was Germany’s plan on December 24, 1915?
  38. What country won the Battle of Verdun?
  39. What happened on May 7, 1915?
  40. What was the AEF?
  41. What is artillery?
  42. What were the “Chariots of God?”
  43. During what battle was the first tank used?
  44. What were the 3 types of gas used in WWI?
  45. How many battles were fought during the Battle of Ypres?
  46. Which troops fought against the Germans at the Battle of Ypres?
  47. What was the last Battle of Ypres known as?