Battle of Ypres

    The Battle of Ypres actually includes three battles. They were fought in Ypres, Belgium. The town of Ypres was always under attack from the Germans because it was a key point in keeping them from the English Channel.

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The First Battle of Ypres

    The first Battle of Ypres took place between October 30 - November 24, 1914. British, French and Belgian troops were outnumbered by the Germans who were trying to get to the English Channel. The Allies won the battle after 34 days of fighting, it started trench warfare on the western front.

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The Second Battle of Ypres

    The second battle took place between April 22 - May 25, 1915. The Germans used a new weapon, gas.  They used poisonous chlorine gas, it was heavier than air and flowed over the ground and into allied trenches. After five weeks of fighting the battle was going nowhere for either side, the Germans ended it. The Allies had 60,000 casualties, the Germans had a total of 35,000 casualties.


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The Third Battle of Ypres (Passendale Campaign)

    The third battle took place between July 31 - November 10, 1917. On June 17, the British took the village of Messines. Between July 31 - November 10, an extreme amount of rainfall and artillery fire made the battlefield into a muddy swamp. It was almost impossible to march across. The Germans, who were in concrete bunkers,  killed a lot of the Allied troops with mustard gas and machine guns. The Canadians eventually took the village of Passchendale after months of fighting. The Allies then stopped their offensive. In the end the Allies only gained 8km, the casualties totaled 250,000 soldiers for each side.

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