History 11


The Enlightenment (1700-1789)


A new era was beginning to emerge at the beginning of the 18th Century. 

   Towns and cities were growing in both size and population

   Trade increased between countries

   Transportation and communication improved

   Advances were made in medicine and agriculture


Peasant life, however, did not improve much.  Most peasants still lived in single room huts, were illiterate, had little food and clothing, and washed their clothes only 2 or 3 times a year!


The nobility continued to live a life of excess in food, drink, entertainment, and housing.  Fashion was important, and their dress became very intricate and impractical.


Other changes:


   Transportation led to an increase in travel.  London, Rome, Venice, and Paris were popular to tourists.

   The postcard was invented during this time in Venice, Italy.

   The encyclopedia was first published.

   The justice system began to change.  Punishment had to be just and based on rehabilitation.