History 11                          The Romanovs         

                                    The Last Tsars of Russia




1.    Describe the relationship between Nicholas and Alexandra.




2.    Describe what Nicholas was like as a young man.




3.    In what year did Nicholas and Alexandra begin to rule Russia?




4.    How many children did they have?  What genders?




5.    What was wrong with their youngest son?




6.    Who was Rasputin?  What did he have to do with the Romanovs?




7.    Why did Alexandra believe everything that Rasputin said?




8.    How did Rasputinís life end?




9.    What were Rasputinís two nicknames?



10.  What was his last prophecy to the Romanovs?




11. Why didnít Nicholas do more to prevent the Russian Revolution?




12. It became necessary for Nicholas to ___________________ after the Russian Revolution began.



13.  Why didnít the Romanov daughters die immediately after being shot?




14.  Who was Ana Anderson?  Why is she significant to the Romanovs?




     15.  What was discovered in Siberia in 1991