History 11


Artists of the Renaissance

Assignment Rubric



Four of the most famous Renaissance artists are Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo.  To understand the impact these artists had on the Renaissance, we must have an understanding of who they were. Choose ONE of the following assignments to complete.

*If you are interested in another Artist of the Renaissance and would like to pursue him/her for your project, just let Ms. MacQueen know.*


Option A

For  two of artists listed above, research the following information.  Type your information in a word document titled “Artists of the Renaissance”.  Save your document in your OWN account (NOT in "My Documents").


--Biographical information (birth date and place, family life, education, early life)

--how and why each chose art to pursue

--a list of famous paintings, sculptures, pieces of art (copy and paste pictures in your word document)

--an explanation of their impact on the Renaissance.  (Answer the question: Why are they remembered as one of the most famous of the Renaissance artists?

--how their life ended

Each mini-essay should be approximately 250 words and should include several pictures.  ALL pictures must be referenced (the picture above is an example) and a proper bibliography must be included.  Cutting and pasting information is NOTacceptable!  Assignments using this method will receive a mark of zero.

  Option B

Recreate two famous paintings of two of the artists above.  The recreations must be hand drawn or painted.  Include a written description of each painting and provide the following information.

a) During which period of the artist's life was the painting created?

b) What other famous pieces of work did the artist create?

c) Why is the painting significant?  What is so special about the painting?


Option C

Create the lyrics for two songs or poems incorporating facts about two of the four artists listed above.  You must include at least 10 useful facts about each artist.  Be prepared to perform your creation to the class!


Option D

Suggest an option of your own choosing to Ms. MacQueen.