History 11

The Protestant Reformation

www.newgenevacenter.org/reference/ renaiss-reform2.htm

Due Date:

It is the year 1517, and a few days (or months) after Martin Luther nailed his ‘95 Theses’ to the door the Wittenberg church.

Things to consider…

What do you think the days and months following this historic event were like?  What events took place that week as a result of this act?  How quickly did the words of Luther spread through Europe?



In a group of two or three, create a three page newsletter (8.5x14) for a day following Luther’s historic actions.

You must: 

1. research what actually happened as a result of his actions

2. predict some likely events that took place at the time

Think about and include the major sections of a newspaper: title, headlines, horoscopes, cartoons, weather, current events, classifieds, sports, news articles, etc.  Please remember that ALL sites used for pictures and information must be cited (on a separate page).



Day 1      Research

Search the web to find out what life was like in around the year 1517 (early 16TH century).  Choose a European country to base your newspaper out of.  Find out the following information:

-what events took place after the “95 Theses” act?

-what were people thinking and feeling at the time?

-how did people react?

-how did people dress?

-what kind of music did they listen to?

-what types of food did they eat?

-what did they do for entertainment?

-what kinds of sports did they play?

-what was daily life like?

-what kinds of jobs did people do?

By answering these questions, you will be gathering information for the many different sections of your newspaper.

Write down the information you find, or type it into a Word document.


Day 2              Writing your articles and columns.

Turn your research from the previous day into articles and columns that will appear in your newspaper.  Type your articles into a Word document. Also, search for and save several pictures/graphics for your newspaper in your home directory.


Day 3              Laying out your newspaper

Layout your work in a Microsoft Publisher document.  This program is very easy to use.  Just cut and paste your articles and pictures in by double clicking on the area that you want them to be placed.


A rubric for this assignment can be found on the History 10 webpage.