History 11

Biography of Louis XIV

“The Sun King”


www.loire-france.com/histoire/ dynastie-bourbons.htm


      Part One: Louis’ Life and Times


      Use your internet searching skills to find the answers to the following questions.  Be sure to use reputable sites!

  1. Who were Louis’ parents?
  2. Describe Louis’ life as a young child.
  3. What was the Fronde of 1648-53?
  4. How did the Fronde affect Louis?
  5. Who was Louis’ first wife?
  6. Describe how the ruling of France changed after the death of Cardinal Mazarin.
  7. How did Jean Baptiste Colbert change the financial situation of France?
  8. How did Louis support the arts?
  9. What was the ‘Edict of Nantes’?
  10. Describe how Louis spent his final years.

Part Two: Louis’ Wars


Louis spent a great deal of time and energy involving France in expensive wars.  Use additional information you find on the web (at least 2 reputable sources), write a description of the following wars.  Your descriptions should address the following areas:  causes, countries involved, and the outcomes.  Each description should be no fewer than 75 words.  Please be sure to include the web addresses of the sites you use.


-The War of Devolution

-The War of Spanish Succession

-The Dutch Wars