History 11

The American Revolution  (1776-1783)



   The Intolerable Acts

   Britains standing army

   Economic rivalry



Intolerable Acts:


   Quartering Act 1765  

    -citizens were forced to open their homes to British soldiers (this cut down on the costs for the British Army).

   Boston Port Act 1774  

    -the port of Boston was closed to all colonists until the damages from the Boston Tea Party were paid for.

   Administration of Justice Act 1774  

    -stated that British officials would not be tried in provincial courts for crimes.  Essentially, this gave the British free reign to do whatever they wished, as no justice could be served while they were still in the colonies.

   Massachusetts Government Act 1774  

    -this annulled the charter of the colonies, giving the British governor complete control over town meetings, and taking control out of the hands of the colonialists.

   Quebec Act - 1774  

    -this bill extended the Canadian borders to cut off the western colonies of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia.