History 11




Absolutism ~ the complete or absolute control of a monarch over his or her people.  Absolute monarchs claimed that they ruled by the will of God and were responsible only to God.  This belief is called the

Devine Right of Kings.


Positive features of Absolutism:


1.   Absolute rulers held nations together; they unified nations and gave citizens a sense of national pride.

2.   They built trade and industry.

3.   They encouraged the growth of literature and science.


Negative Features of Absolutism:


1.   The people had no voice in how they were governed.

2.   The people had to pay for an idle and privileged nobility while suffering in poverty themselves.

3.   Absolute rulers were often involved in wars that cost many lives.

4.   In order to fight in wars, monarchs taxed the peasants heavily.

5.   Nations were often ruled without consistency.  Citizens were at the whim of the ruler.