History 10


18th Century Travel Diary  

  15 points


You are a young noble/noblewoman on a journey around Europe.  Write 5 entries in your diary detailing your experiences in different cities.  Include encounters with members from all three social classes.  Describe what you saw, how people were dressed, what you ate, and any entertainment you enjoyed.  Give specific details on your accommodations, food, and mode of transportation.  Your journal entries should be neatly written (or typed), illustrated, and no fewer that 100 words each.


Where to find information:

-Refer to chapters 2, 3, and 6 of your textbook

-search the internet

-Sackville High library –lots of great books here!  


Rubric ~ 18th Century Travel Diary

15% of Term One




Overall Effort


0-2 points


little information is provided


0-2 points


little effort put into creating an interesting diary


0-2 points


little effort given

0-2 points


not all entries and illustrations are included

3-4  points


information is interesting to read and applicable to the time period

3 points


illustrations are colourful and interesting

format of          diary is realistic

3-4 points


great effort given.  It is evident that time and care went into the creation of the diary

3-4 points


all entries and illustrations are included


diary is passed in on time