Europe 2017 Trip      April 6-13, 2017


April 3, 2017

Re: Vimy Ceremony tickets

Veterans Affairs Canada has worked out their technical glitches and has reissued everyone a new ticket. When you receive it, please email a copy to Mrs. Avery will print the copies and bring them with her to Vimy. You may want to print a copy for your son/daughter to take as a back up. Thank you for your patience. Once again, things have worked out just in time!


March 31, 2017


Attention Parents:

Your son/daughter is being sent home with a copy of an Emergency Telephone Tree today. Please make sure you have the copy before April 6th.



March 27, 2017


Here is an itinerary with a few more specifics! It is from our Tour Director, Elena Salerno:



Arrivals at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.


Since your flight lands at 10.40am, we should be all together by 11.30. I will be waiting with an EF sign in the Terminal (just outside the Arrivals lounge where the luggage carousels are) where we will finally meet! 

A bus will then take us to our hotel. Checking into our rooms might not be possible, given the time (hotels usually allow it after 3pm), but we will be able to leave our luggage. After which we will take a stroll downtown and have dinner.

Since this is our only night in town we might decide to stay in the city center for a while after dinner, before heading back to the hotel.





Today we will properly tour Paris with a local guide and bus. 

After the morning sightseeing we will head to Arras for a visit to the Wellington Quarry Museum, and then get to our hotel, in St. Quentin, where we will also have dinner.





This will be a special and emotional full day at Vimy Ridge, taking part in the 100th anniversary ceremony.





On our second full day in the Vimy region we will visit the city of Arras and the Artois Expo, especially designed by EF for being an interactive hub, where different groups can meet, participate in various activities linked to this important anniversary and also grab a bite!

In the afternoon we will visit the Vis-en-Artois British Cemetery, before heading back to our hotel.





Today we fly to Berlin! Upon arrival a bus will pick us up and take us to our hotel.

From there we will reach the city center using public transportation, have dinner and then back for the Cold War Panel Discussion, which will take place at the hotel.





As for Paris, today we will be joined by a local guide who will take us on an in-depth tour of the city. We will also have an afternoon visit to Sachsenhausen, with a second guide.





Goodbyes :) and departure from Tegel airport.



Please keep in mind that this itinerary might be subject to last minute changes.


March 24, 2017


Solider Pairing Project

Make the Most of Your Vimy 100 Tour: Researching Canadian Soldiers


We will be visiting the cemetery Vis-En-Artois British Cemetery in Haucourt, France.  You will be given the name of a soldier that is resting in this cemetery and asked to do a little research on this person.  This research will hopefully enrich your experience and provide a more memorable and meaningful visit. 


How to research your soldier:


1.       Go to the link below:,%20HAUCOURT


2.      Click on the link “See casualty record” and find your soldier.  Explore the information found on this site. 


3.      Some things to consider when researching your soldier:

a) Where is this individual from? What is their story? What was their rank in the military?  What was their age?

b) Why would someone in their position enlist in the military?

c) How would this service person’s life be similar or different from yours?


4.      There are more specific databases where you can look up soldiers, such as the Library and Archives Canada — Military Heritage Research.  Please see the link below if interested:





Sarah Berrigan

T. Armstrong

Katelyn Bonnelly

Walter T. Beer

Drew Briand

Francis A. Bentley

Rebecca Burke

Walter Bishop

Liam Carr

Alfred E. Cake

Nicholas Cestnick

Donald Joseph Campbell

Sarah Deal

Leon Andrew Delauney

Jaiden Decaire

Milton F. B. Griffin

Hannah Douglas

Gavin T. Guthrie

Margaret During

Hugh Thomas Hampton

Abraham El-Jakl

R. Honeyman

Matthew Fancy

Ernest W. McLellan

Erin Firlotte

John A. Penny

Megan Flanagan

James E. Phillips

Jessica Forrest

Walter D. Benger

Katie Gallant

Cecil Macinally

Paige George

Rannel McEachern

Travis Goswell

John Charles Tomlin

Logan Gothreau

James J.P. Ralph

Aubrey Gouthro

Jabez Stead

Alexis Grove-Richardson

Charles W. Skinner

Riley Hill-Pettipas

W. George Charles Stevens

Kayla Hunt

J. A. Steward

Meghan Josey

Thomas Scott

Samantha Lohnes

Alexander Wyllie

Hayley MacDonald

Stephen B. Wootton

Samuel Mader

Albin J. Sumara

Joseph McKegney

William Ernest McKegney

Cole Morash

John D. McRae

Hannah Notfall

Charles W. Nash

Andrew Peverill

Simon O’Haley

Jamey Rogers

George W. Frisken

Shaun Roode

Gavin T. Guthrie

Johnathan Snyder

Harold O. Hannent

Lauren Taylor

William A. Hood

Emily Thexton

C.H. Johnson

Joseph Thomey

Herbert Ledrew

Kathryn Wallace

J.H. Campbell

Kailey Webber

Sidney J. Chappell

Noah Wilson

Lorenzo Charron

K. Trenholm

J. McInnis

K. MacQueen

Robert W. Adams


George Gateson


William H. Crosthwait

D. Morash

Floyd E. Graydon

K. LeBlanc

Duncan F. Turner



If you have not received your Vimy Ceremony ticket, please do the following:

If ticket it is not received by March 21st, please contact EF Tours at 1-800-263-2806, or VAC directly at


March 21, 2017

Our final meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 29th from 2:45pm -4pm in Room 324. Please arrive as soon as you can after the bell as we have a special speaker joining us.

Our SHS umbrellas will be available to purchase for $5. You may regret it if you don’t buy one!



Rooming lists will be posted outside of Ms. Trenholm’s classroom today. Please be aware there may need to be slight changes made depending on the configurations of hotel rooms.


Please stop by Ms. MacQueen’s room before or after school to add your name to the list of chaperone groups. The purpose of these groups is to ensure everyone is accounted for before getting on planes/buses/etc.


March 8, 2017

Important! RE: Vimy Ceremony tickets

You should have received your official Vimy Ceremony ticket by email. If not, it should be arriving soon. Please check your Junk Mail if you have not received it.

You now need to do two important things:

1.    Print a copy of the invitation and bring it with you on the trip. You will need a hard copy to enter the ceremony.

2.    You also need to forward the email with the ticket attached to


Vimy Jackets:


If you NEED a different size of jacket, you must let Ms. MacQueen know by the end of the day on Thursday, March 9th.


February 21st, 2017


Attention students: Last Thursday’s student meeting is rescheduled to TODAY, Tuesday, Feb. 21st at 2:45pm in Room 324.


This is a mandatory meeting. We will be discussing rooming at the hotels and other important info.



February 15th , 2017


Re: VAC registration: there are 9 students who have not completed STEPS 1-3 of this process. Please make sure you have this completed by Friday, February 17th or you may not be allowed to attend the Vimy Ceremony. Please see more info below (January 31st post)


Here is our flight info:

Itinerary A (46 Traveler(s))






Flight / Transportation

Additional Flight Info

Flight has stopover(s)

Primary Confirmation Number















1:50 PM
3:15 PM

Toronto - Pearson Int'l

Air Canada
Flight # 615







6:25 PM
8:00 AM

Toronto - Pearson Int'l

Flight # 471







9:30 AM
10:40 AM

Paris (De Gaulle)

Flight # 1030

















9:50 AM
11:30 AM

Paris (De Gaulle)

Air France
Flight # 1734

















10:45 AM
11:55 AM


Flight # 183







1:05 PM
3:05 PM


Flight # 422







7:05 PM
9:28 PM


Air Canada
Flight # 8896








February 6, 2017


Student Meeting: February 16th

There will be a brief mandatory meeting at 2:45pm in Room 324. Rooming assignments and groups will be discussed. See you there!

Less than two months to take off!!!


Final Payment to be made to Sackville High

This is a friendly reminder (see the agenda from the Parent Meeting in September 2015), that a $150 payment is due on February 14th. This payment is to be made out to Sackville High School and must be brought to the main office. This payment will cover tips that need to be paid to all bus drivers and tour guides, as well as incidentals along the way. Thank you!


Mandatory Parent/Guardian Meeting

Sincere thanks you to both parents and students for your patience during the recent job action.

This once in a lifetime trip is fast approaching! We are excited to announce that representatives from EF Tours will be holding a pre-departure meeting for parents/guardians of students traveling to Europe in April 2017.The meeting is mandatory and will be held on February 21st (snow date will be February 22nd). Students are welcome to attend (but they are not required).

The meeting will be at 6:30pm and will be held at Prince Andrew High School.

PLEASE NOTE: Immediately after the EF presentation, all SHS parents will be meeting together briefly with the chaperones. A room number will be announced at the EF meeting.




January 31st, 2017


There is a brief mandatory meeting for all students on Thursday, February 2nd at 2:45pm in Room 324.



Please note: You will NOT be able to attend the 100th Anniversary Ceremony if you do not submit this info by

February 10th.


1)     You need to register individually on the Veterans Affairs Canada website by February 10th. The process is free and takes a few minutes. Copy and paste the following url from Ms. MacQueen’s website::

2)    Travelers will receive an email from VAC with the subject: “Vimy 100 Registration Activation.” You must then confirm your registration by clicking on the “Activate Account” link.

3)    Travelers will receive a second email from VAC with the subject: “Vimy 100 Registration Completed.” You must forward this confirmation email to by Friday, February 10th.

4)         VAC will issue official tickets in March via email. EF will ask travelers to forward their tickets to so that our team may ensure that all EF travelers are able to access the ceremony.



January 27, 2017


Parent/Guardian Meeting

Sincere thanks you to both parents and students for your patience during the recent job action.

This once in a lifetime trip is fast approaching! We are excited to announce that representatives from EF Tours will be holding a pre-departure meeting for parents/guardians of students travelling to Europe in April 2017.The meeting is mandatory and will be held on February 21st (snow date will be February 22nd).

The meeting will be at 6:30pm and will be held at Prince Andrew High School.

Vimy Jacket


As outlined on the last meeting’s agenda, you should have received an email (sent to the email given when you registered online) asking you to submit a size for the special Vimy jacket students will be receiving. The deadline for replying to this email is October 31st.  A size will be selected for you if you do not reply. Please check your junk email or call EF Tours if you cannot locate the email. Thank you!


Student Meeting

There will be a MANDATORY and very IMPORTANT meeting for all travelers on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18th at 11:15am on Room 324. Bring your lunch!



October 3rd, 2016

Ms. Trenholm and I are going to a meeting with our EF Tours rep this week. Next week, we will have a meeting for all student travelers to share what we have learned. Check this site and/or listen to the announcements on Friday to find out when the meeting will be held.

Our trip is just over six months away!




September 6, 2016

Hello travellers!


While there is no news to report from EF Tours, Ms. Trenholm and I wanted to wish you all the best in the upcoming school year! Please remember that your participation depends on you being a student in ‘good standing’.


This means that you are:

-attending ALL classes with only EXCUSED absences

-treating your fellow classmates, teachers and other staff members with respect

-maintaining passing grades in ALL courses

(grades will be checked after report cards are issued in November and February)

-following and adhering to all school rules and policies


Please check this site often for updates and news about upcoming meetings.

Welcome back, Kingfishers!



January 18, 2016

Only 15 months away from the trip of a lifetime!

Please note that if you are considering canceling your registration for any reason, cancellation fees will be charged by EF TOURS. One for the responsibilities of parents/guardians, as discussed at the Parent Meeting (and included on the agenda), was to read and accept EF TOURS’ cancellation policy. You have entered into a financial agreement with the tour company, not Sackville High. By registering online, you agreed to adhere to all policies associated with your registration. Thank you!


Update: December 2nd/15


There will be a brief but mandatory meeting for all registered Europe 2017 travellers on

Tuesday, December 8th at 11:15am in Room 324.


Attendance will be taken J.  Bring your lunch!


Tour Company: EF TOURS


Students and parents/guardians were required to read and agree to the following BEFORE registering for the 2017 trip.


ATTENTION: Parents/Guardians and Students


Re: Europe 2017 Trip


You are responsible to know and uphold the responsibilities below for the time period of September 2015-April 2017. If a student fails to meet the criteria listed below, they will be removed from the trip at the expense of the family. Your initial $199 deposit will not be refunded if your student is removed. Parents/Guardians are expected to be aware of the cancellation policies as outlined by EF Tours.


Responsibilities of student travelers:


-to maintain REGULAR ATTENDANCE and to ensure that all legitimate absences are EXCUSED as per the school’s policy.


-to be ACADEMICALLY SUCCESSFUL in all courses. Marks will be checked via PowerSchool at the end of each semester.


-to be respectful and cooperative with all members of our school community.


-to avoid any behaviors that will result in out of school suspensions.


Before you register for the trip, please make sure you are willing and able to uphold the listed responsibilities. Student travel is a privilege, not a right.


We are looking forward to a fantastic trip!


Ms. MacQueen and Ms. Trenholm






Europe 2014 Trip

April 2014

London, Dublin and Edinburgh


Mandatory Parent/Guardian Meeting

The meeting will now be held on Thursday, April 3rd at 6:45pm in the school library.

Please note that parking with be VERY LIMITED. See you there!



Next Student Meeting:

Tuesday, March 4th at 11:15am in Room 324. This meeting is MANDATORY for all travellers! :)



Our pre-departure meeting will be held Thursday, March 27th at 6:45pm in the SHS library.*PLEASE NOT THAT THIS IS A 15 MINUTE EARLIER START THAN EARLIER LISTED DUE TO THE GRAD BINGO ON THE SAME NIGHT.* Please bring relevant/ important medical information (i.e. doctor's name/number, prescriptions taken, allergies, etc.) as there will be forms to fill out. At least one of the traveller's parent/guardian must attend. See you there!




Passport Day


A copy of a valid passport is due to Ms. MacQueen on Monday, February 10th, 2014. If you need a copy made, please bring your passport to the main office that morning (before 8:20am). Your passport must have an expiry date LATER than October 25th, 2014.




December 13, 2013

Rooming Request Forms: Please return to Mrs. Cummings in the Main Office by Friday, December 20th.



There will be a brief but MANDATORY meeting for all Europe travellers on Tuesday, December 10th at 11:15am in Room 324. Please share the agenda and info with your parents.



November 18, 2013



Passport Day:


-a copy of a valid passport is due to Ms. MacQueen on Monday, February 10th, 2014. Your passport must have an expiry date LATER than October 25th, 2014.


Passport Names:


-all travelers MUST ensure that the name you have registered with at is exactly as it appears on your passport. Travelers will be charged a fee if a change needs to be made after airline tickets are issued. As well, travelers may be denied entry to the airplane if your airline ticket name does not match your passport.


Please see Ms. MacQueen if you have any questions regarding this important issue.


May 9th Meeting Minutes


September 20, 2013

There is no new tour news to report at this time. Just keep making your payments and be sure to maintain your 'good standing' at SHS! I will let you know when I have important info to share.

-Ms. MacQueen :)



April  22, 2013


There will be a MANDATORY student meeting on THURSDAY, MAY 9th at 11:15am in ROOM 324.  Bring your lunch!


February 1, 2013


The trip is now full. We have 45 registered travellers. We were able to add the first person on the waiting list. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in the trip. I truly wish we could take all deserving students! If you are on the waiting list, I encourage you to start SAVING MONEY! You never know what may happen. A spot may open up at any time. I will contact students on the waiting list, in order, immediately if any spots open up.

Again THANK YOU for your interest and patience!



January 25th, 2013


The list of invited travelers has been posted outside of the Main Office.

Students on the list may line up in front of the Main Office on Monday, January 28th. The school opens at 7am and Ms. MacQueen will be there to pass out online registration information at 7:30am.  Students must be in a single file, orderly line. Please be respectful of each other. Students MAY NOT hold spaces for other students. The first 45 students in line will receive a letter explaining the registration process. The remaining students will be put on a waitlist based on their order in line.

Students are NOT required to bring a deposit to school. All payments will be made online directly to the travel company.




There is a mandatory meeting for PARENTS/GUARDIANS of interested students on Thursday, January 24th at 7pm in the school library.


Explorica Power Point



explorica travel

London, Dublin & Edinburgh

Tour Itinerary (Detailed)

·  Day 1 Start Tour


·  Day 2 Hello London

Meet your Tour Director and check into hotel

London City Walk

Thames River, Trafalgar Square, National Gallery Visit, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Soho

Fish and Chips dinner

Details: London City Walk

Step outside your hotel, for a stroll through the streets of the heart of the English-speaking world. In this city of nearly seven million, you'll see everything from 12th-century fortifications to modern skyscrapers, formal parks to punk rockers. Your Tour Director will lead you to some of the most famous sites. Walk along the Thames River. Cross Trafalgar Square. See bustling Piccadilly Circus. Pass trendy shops and cafés in Bohemian Soho on your way to Covent Garden, a 13th-century fruit and vegetable garden transformed into a maze of narrow streets and pedestrian walkways burgeoning with street performers, open-air markets and boutiques.

Details: National Gallery Visit

Located in an impressive domed building right in Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery houses a rich collection of over 2,000 works of art dating from the mid 13th century to 1900. Explore the beautiful marble hallways to see famous paintings by van Eyck, Turner and Van Gogh.

Details: Fish and Chips dinner

Nothing's more British than fish and chips-there are eight fish and chips shops ("chippies") for every McDonald's in the county. Head to an authentic pub with your Tour Director for a taste of this national food, generally served with malt vinegar.


·  Day 3 London Landmarks

London Guided Sightseeing Tour

Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, St. Paul's Cathedral

Windsor Castle guided excursion  

Join a licensed local guide for an in-depth look at London, from the royal haunt of Buckingham Palace (the official London residence of Queen Elizabeth II) to the slightly more democratic Speakers’ Corner of Hyde Park, where anyone can pull up a soapbox and orate to his heart’s content. You’ll see the changing of the guard (season permitting), the clock tower of Big Ben with its 14-ton bell, and Westminster Abbey, where almost every English king and queen since William the Conqueror has been crowned. After a stop at the Houses of Parliament, continue on to the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral, the masterpiece of London architect Christopher Wren.


·  Day 4 London--Dublin

Fly to Dublin

City Walk

O'Connell Street

Parnell Square

Henry Street

Details: City Walk

Get a friendly introduction to Ireland’s capital city, compliments of your Tour Director. Discover an international urban scape of Georgian buildings, castles and cathedrals. Literary legends and budding musicians. All while one million people welcome you with smiling eyes. Stroll bustling O’Connell Street, once (at 150 ft wide) the widest street in Europe, and still the busiest thoroughfare in Dublin. Pass shop after shop of local and global wares and flairs, and a lush street-meridian lined with tall trees and ebony statues of Irish leaders. Make your way to the end of the strip to Parnell Square, an antique scape of red brick townhouses and classic Irish theatres. As you wander the streets, take in the international glamour of Ireland’s most cosmopolitan city.


·  Day 5 Dublin Landmarks

Dublin Guided Sightseeing Tour

Phoenix Park, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Trinity College Book of Kells visit

Optional  Powerscourt Gardens Excursion  $55

Traditional Public House Dinner

Details: Dublin Guided Sightseeing Tour

Join a professional licensed tour guide on an adventure to Dublin’s finest attractions. Pass the residence of Ireland’s president, Mary MacAleese, along your journey through Phoenix Park. Within Europe’s grandest enclosed park, encounter 1,760 undeveloped acres scattered with cricket pitches, grazing cows, and red deer. Stop to eye a stone phoenix rising from flames atop the Corinthian-style Phoenix Column. Tour the roads along the River Liffey to 12th-century St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the largest of its kind in all Ireland. Get a glimpse of the neighboring park where St. Patrick (who brought Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century) baptized converts. Continue on to Trinity College, the stone-clad sprawling campus where Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett studied. Stop by the Long Room in the Old Library for a zoom-view of the illuminated edition of four Gospels, the Book of Kells. The original manuscript was penned in Latin around AD 800 by four Irish Monks who used multicolored ink from plants and bugs. Take some time to study the brilliant latticework of curvy Celtic symbols woven with animal figures that enlivens the script.



·  Day 6 Dublin--Edinburgh

Fly to Edinburgh

Edinburgh City Walk

Charlotte Square, Alexander Graham Bell's home, Robert Louis Stevenson's home, Robert Burns monument

Details: Edinburgh City Walk

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh has steep streets and stone buildings zigzagging up hills and down into small valleys, and the brooding Edinburgh Castle looms over the whole thing. Follow your Tour Director through New Town's Charlotte Square, with its elegant Georgian townhouses. See where inventor Alexander Graham Bell was born in 1847, pass Robert Louis Stevenson's birthplace near the Royal Botanic Garden, and stroll by the monument commemorating Scottish poet Robert Burns. Hear the castle's ramparts echo with gunfire at 1 p.m. Gaze out at the steep slopes and craggy cliffs of the northwest Highlands, visible from Edinburgh's highest points. Peer down into the blue sea stretching out beyond the city.


·  Day 7 Edinburgh Landmarks

Edinburgh Guided Sightseeing Tour

Royal Mile, Old Town, Sir Walter Scott Monument, Edinburgh Castle

Details: Edinburgh Guided Sightseeing Tour

Edinburgh Castle, the historical and emotional heart of the city, is just one of the many sights you will see on this tour, led by a licensed professional guide. Make your way along the Royal Mile, the main thoroughfare of the 16th and 17th centuries. (It's actually one mile and 107 yards long--from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyrood House). As you make your way along cobbled streets, you'll see a handful of the several thousand buildings officially protected in Edinburgh because of their architectural or historic importance. The 200-foot spire of the Sir Walter Scott monument soars above the East Princes Street Gardens. Grand figures from Scottish history adorn its heights, make sure you also look down -- the figure below the marble statue is Scott's favorite dog, Maida.


·  Day 8 End Tour


PRICE: $3406


Tour Fee Includes:

§                          Round-trip airfare

§                          6 overnight stays in hotels with private bathrooms

§                          Full European breakfast daily

§                          Dinner daily

§                          Full-time services of a professional Tour Director

§                          Guided sightseeing tours and city walks as per itinerary

§                          Visits to select attractions as per itinerary

§                          Flight from London--Dublin

§                          Flight from Dublin--Edinburgh

§                          Tour Diary™

Tour Fee  DOES NOT Include:

·         Passport

·         Lunch

·         Spending money

·         travel insurance (MANDATORY)




























Please Note: The info below pertains only to the 2012 Europe trip.



May 30th, 2012

Families will be reimbursed $85 from the $200 cheque received for tips and extra excursions. To receive your cheque, please see Mrs. Cummings in the main office and let her know who the cheque should be made out to. It will then take a few days to process the cheque. Students should check back with her a few days after the request.




April 26, 2012

Parents and travellers:

Please join us for a 'Wrap Party' on May 10th from 7-8:30pm in the band room. There will be pictures to share, slideshows, refreshments and a special keepsake gift for students.  RSVP at 864-6700 on or before May 8th.


Hope to see you there!



April 2, 2012


Rules of the Road!

Two of the MOST IMPORTANT rules that must be followed at all times:

-ALWAYS be in a group of 4 or more

-ALWAYS be on time! (BRING A WATCH!)


Suggested Reading to enhance your learning!

You may want to read or bring the following books with you to help put your learning into context:

Diary of Anne Frank

Vimy by Pierre Berton


Suggestion: Bring hand sanitizer and a few small packs of tissues with you for bathroom breaks. You may need them!


March 30th, 2012

Students were given a copy of the TELEPHONE TREE at today's meeting. Parents, please make sure you have a copy!

March 27, 2012

Mr. Miller has purchased umbrellas with the SHS logo. You can buy one at our meeting on March 30th. They cost $4 and may make the trip much more comfortable! We will be outside for hours most days and should expect all types of weather. Exact change is appreciated! See you on Friday. :)


March 19, 2012

Final Meeting for Students!

Our pre-departure meeting will be held on Friday, March 30th from 11:30-1:25pm. This is a mandatory meeting for all travellers and attendance will be adjusted for the period after lunch.


Passports and airport arrival time

Several students have NOT yet signed their passports. Please sign where indicated on the page opposite your photo. This should be done before you arrive at the airport.

All students should arrive at the airport NO LATER than 10:30am on Thursday, April 5th.


Baggage Restrictions


Checked luggage



Hand luggage



Please find more information at



Checked luggage




Frequent Travellers

Senators/ HON
Circle Members/ Star Alliance Gold Members

Economy Class

1 bag up to 23 kg

2 bags up to 23 kg each

2 bags up to 23 kg each

Business Class

2 bags up to 32 kg each

2 bags up to 32 kg each

3 bags up to 32 kg each

First Class

3 bags up to 32 kg each

3 bags up to 32 kg each

4 bags up to 32 kg each

sports bag

All routes except for North Atlantic:
+ 1 ski bag

All routes except for North Atlantic: + 1 ski bag

All routes except for North Atlantic:
+ 1 ski bag
+ 1 golf bag


Please note the maximum dimensions per bag of 158 cm (width + height + depth).

Hand luggage

A piece of hand luggage may not be larger than 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm and may not weigh more than 8 kg. Foldable garment bags are an exception to this; they count as hand luggage up to a size of 57 cm x 54 cm x 15 cm.

We will carry items of baggage exceeding these limits in the cargo hold as the stowage space in the cabin is limited.

Please find more information at


Packing List


Please remember to identify all pieces of your luggage

(on the inside and the outside).


1.     PASSPORT!!!!

2.     Money belt (NO PURSES!)

3.     Basics (shirts, jeans, socks, underwear)

4.     Toiletries (most should be in your suitcase, NOT your carry-on)

5.     Comfortable shoes (we will be doing PLENTY of walking)

6.     One nice outfit for a special night out

7.     Sweaters/light jacket with hood

8.     Warm jacket with hood and gloves

9.     Electrical adapter WITH converter for hair dryers, etc.

Website with information on electrical adapters:

10. Necessary medications in original bottles or packs

11. Eyewear (sunglasses, extra pair of glasses/contact lenses)

12. Camera and extra batteries

13. Carry-on essentials (put things you need for the first day or two of the trip in your carry-on in case you are separated from your luggage. Keep your passport, cash, debit and credit cards in your money belt at all times).

      14. Black pants and a white shirt for the Vimy Ceremonies on April 9th.

     15. Your Vimy jacket (arriving soon!)


Pack light! You will be expected to carry all of your own luggage, often up several flights of stairs. We will be making several hotel changes, so we will be carrying our luggage around often.






February 16, 2012

Overdue passports and cheques

There are currently 12 students who have not passed in the required $200 cheque (made out to Sackville High School) and 6 students who have not passed in a copy of their passport. These items are overdue and must be passed in immediately. Thank you! 


January 30, 2012

Upcoming mandatory meetings for students and parents!


Student Meeting

There will be a mandatory 10 minute meeting on Friday, Feb. 3rd at 11:15am in Room 324. We will be selecting sizes for our Vimy Tour jackets (included in the cost you have already paid). Please be there to select your size. Otherwise, a size will be selected for you.

Parent Meeting

A mandatory Parent/Guardian meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 6th at 7pm in the school library. Tour details, such as hotel and flight info, will be shared at this time. Please bring your medical and emergency info with you as you will need to fill out two forms.


January 16, 2012


A $200 cheque (made out to Sackville High School) must be given to Ms. MacQueen on February 14th. This was discussed in detail at the first parent meeting and is needed to cover tips for tour guides and bus drivers, as well as special excursions such as the trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

January 12, 2012

84 days to go!

Copies of passports still needed...

There are 12 students who have not passed in copies of their passports. Please bring a copy in to Ms. MacQueen ASAP!

Thank you!


Parent Meeting

There will be a mandatory parent meeting during the first week of March to discuss final preparations for the trip. A specific date and time will be posted ASAP.



January 10th, 2012 is Passport Day.

Students must bring in a copy of their passport to Ms. MacQueen between

8-8:30am in the Main Office.


According to Canadian Customs, passports must be valid for up to 6 months after the last date of travel. Therefore, if your passport expires BEFORE October 12th, 2012, you will need to have it renewed before we leave on April 5th.


Dietary Requirements


Special dietary requirements (not preferences) must be submitted to Ms. MacQueen in Room 324 no later than Monday, December 12th (as discussed at the meeting).



There will be a MANDATORY meeting for all student travelers on

 Wednesday, December 7th

at 11:15am in Room 324.

Bring your lunch!

Students should share meeting agendas with their parents.




September 9, 2011

There will be a MANDATORY meeting for all student travelers on

 Wednesday, September 14th

at 11:15am in Room 324.

Bring your lunch!


June 10, 2011

Our next student meeting will be in mid-September. Good luck on your exams and have a safe and happy summer!



April 5-12th, 2012

366 days to go!


April 4th, 2011

Thank you for your interest in the Europe 2012 trip!

The trip is presently full. Thanks to everyone who got up early! Students who were #43 and above in line are now on the waiting list. I encourage all students on the waiting list to save their money in case a spot opens up. If spots open up, students will have a day to decide if they still want to participate. Students will be contacted in the order that they appear on the waiting list.

Regarding $99 cheques for those on the waiting list:

You can either: have your student pick up the cheque and write a new when when/if required OR leave the cheque with me for safe keeping in case a spot opens up.


Tour Details

1st Parent Meeting






Please note: The info below pertains to our 2010 trip only.

Europe Trip  ~ March 2010


Please check this page often for tour updates.


March 9, 2010

2 days!!!!

Our meeting time at the U.S. Destinations section of the airport is 6:15am on Thursday. Please meet our group on the main floor beside the escalator that takes you up to the U.S. check in area.

The following is important information from our tour guide, David Milden.


1: It is imperative that the students remember that we're going to a lot of churches, especially in the Italian portion. It being Italy there is an element of it depending on the priest or verger of the day's mood, but skirts should be long enough to cover the knee, shoulders need to be covered and for the Vatican it should be long sleeves all round. Gentlemen should not be wearing shorts until we leave Florence. If everyone follows these indications we will be fine and if other groups are allowed in a little less-modestly dressed, we've still erred on the side of respect.

2: No backpacks on the day of the Vatican visit, checking them in will really throw out our timing and limit our capacity to see everything.

3: Italy and Spain are very different about guiding than the UK, France, and the Northern European countries. ONLY local guides can guide. What that means practically is that I can lead you in the streets but not give you explanations as to what things are. Colleagues who ignore this have been fined and or forced to spend their day filling out forms at the local police station. Practically speaking, it just means that there are times when my hands are tied. So I will be brief and concise in setting meeting times etc, so the group will need to listen to me very carefully. I will then re-iterate to the adults the info, so the students can double-check if required. It'll go fine, but I want people to know that if we're by the Pantheon and someone asks "What's that church", if I say, "tell you later" it's not because I wouldn't like to.

4: Students MUST not buy from Vendors on the street in Italy. Registered market stalls are fine, but if they buy from a licensed hawker, they are also liable for a fine. The law's enforced in both directions in Italy. Pisa is particularly bad for this. More info on this when we arrive.


March 2, 2010

9 Days!!!!!!!

Requested changes to the room assignments have been made. The updated lists are posted in Ms. MacQueen’s room.

All travelers must stop by Room 210 to pick up the Telephone Chain Chart. Please stop by before the end of the day on Thursday.



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

11:15am in Room 210.

This is a mandatory meeting where you will receive your EF back pack and learn any last minute news about our trip. See you there!!


January 26th, 2010

Parent/Guardian meeting tonight! 7pm in the SHS library. Please bring NS Health card and health insurance information. Students are not required to attend, but they are welcome to join us.


Europe ’10 Packing List



Please remember to identify all pieces of your luggage

(on the inside and the outside).


  1. PASSPORT!!!!
  2. Money belt (NO PURSES!)
  3. Basics (shirts, jeans, socks, underwear)
  4. Toiletries (most should be in your suitcase, not your carry-on)
  5. Comfortable shoes (we will be doing PLENTY of walking)
  6. One nice outfit for a special night out
  7. Sweaters/light jacket
  8. Warm jacket with hood/gloves
  9. Electrical adapter for hair dryers, etc.

Website with information on electrical adapters:

  1. Necessary medications
  2. Eyewear (sunglasses, extra pair of glasses/contact lenses)
  3. Camera and extra batteries
  4. Carry-on essentials (put things you need for the first day or two of the trip in your carry-on in case you are separated from your luggage. Keep your passport, cash, debit and credit cards in your money belt at all times).


Pack light! You will be expected to carry all of your own luggage, often up several flights of stairs. We will be making 5 hotel changes, so we will be carrying our luggage around often.


Please refer to Continental Airlines for baggage restrictions.







January 15, 2010

55 days until departure!

There will be a mandatory meeting for all students on Tuesday, January 19th at 11:15am in Room 210.


There will be a mandatory meeting for parents/guardians on Tuesday, January 26th at 7pm in the SHS library. Please bring NS Health card and health insurance information. Students are not required to attend, but they are welcome to join us.


December 1st, 2009

Today is Passport Day!

100 days until departure!

All students are asked to bring a photocopy of their passports (or the actual passport to be copied) to Ms. MacQueen (in the Main Office) before classes begin on December 1st,  2009. This is required in case a student loses his or her passport while we are in Europe. If you have forgotten your copy, please bring it in ASAP.


Parent/Guardian Meeting

There will be a mandatory meeting for parents/guardians in early February 2010. A date will be set for the meeting as soon as we receive our hotel and flight information.


Final Payment (for travelers not using AUTOPAY)

The final and full payment is due (60 days prior to departure) on January 10, 2010. You may receive a message from EF Tours stating the payment is due in early December, but this is not accurate. The December date applied when our trip was scheduled in July.



November 12, 2009

Please check below for the following important deadlines.


Passport Day-All students are asked to bring a photocopy of their passports to Ms. MacQueen (in the Main Office) before classes begin on December 1st,  2009. This is required in case a student loses his or her passport while we are in Europe.

Passport Names – Ensure that your passport name matches that which is on your EF invoice. Submit any changes to EF 99 days prior to departure.


Dietary Requestsif you have any have special dietary requests (vegetarians, no wheat. etc.) or if you have any allergies we should be aware of, please inform Ms. MacQueen no later than December 1st, 2009.



 August 24, 2009 (199 days left!)

Next Meeting: October 7th

Our next mandatory meeting will be Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 11:15am in Room 210. Bring your lunch!

 A reminder to those travelers who are not enrolled in the Autopayment plan: Please make sure that you have a plan in place so that you will be able to make your final payment by January 10, 2010. Please remember that you can make smaller payments at any time by contacting Customer Service (1-800-263-2806). You do not have to wait until January to make your next payment.

June 12, 2009

As discussed at previous meetings, a $100 payment (made out to Sackville High School) was due on June 1st. This money will cover all tips for tour guides and bus drivers that are expected while we are on our tour.

There are still 12 travelers who have not submitted this payment. If you have not submitted your payment yet, please bring to the main office as soon as possible. Thanks!



May 3, 2009

Meeting for all travelers!

Tuesday, May 12th at 11:15am in Room 210.

Attendance is mandatory. Bring your lunch!


April 24, 2009




As you know, the date of our trip has been changed to March Break of 2010. Our departure date is March 11, 2010. Remember that we must save a day or two on either side to accommodate our large group’s need to travel by plane together.


Along with the date, a few things have changed in terms of the payment of the trip.


1.     Autopayments will continue to be withdrawn on the last Wednesday of each month. The price per month will now increase by $100. The number of monthly payments has been reduced from 14 to 10.


2.     If you cannot accommodate this Autopayment schedule, you can be taken off the Autopayment plan and go with a manual payment plan. Please call EF’s Customer Service line at 1-800-263-2806 if you would like more information about switching to this option.


3.     Some good news!! The program fee for our trip has dropped because of the change of date. If we continue to have 35 or more travelers, the program fee will be $262 less than the original program fee.  If we fall below 35 travelers, the price will be $187 less than the original program fee. The new price is now reflected in your online EF account.


4.     The final payment deadline has been extended from 99 days prior to departure to 60 days prior to departure (January 10th, 2010).


Again, if you have specific questions about pricing or payments, your best option is to call EF Tours at 1-800-263-2806.


Thank you so much for your understanding and patience as we were working through this unexpected change!



March 24, 2009

Meeting for all travelers!

Tuesday, May 12th at 11:15am in Room 210.

Attendance is mandatory. Bring your lunch!


February 17/09

There are a few open spots on the trip. If you are interested in attending, please see Ms. MacQueen in Room 210.

Tour Information

(Power Point)

Day by Day Intinerary


February 5 Parent Meeting Agenda




February 12/09

Due to the cancellation of school today, applications for the Europe 2010 trip will be accepted in the Main Office on Monday, February 16th at 7:45am.

February 9/09

The list of invited applicants has been posted outside of the Main Office.

The next step in the process is to bring your completed application and $99 registration fee (cheque made out to EF TOURS) to the Main Office on Thursday, February 12/09. Applications will be accepted from 7:45am to 8:25am. Students should form a single file line, in order of arrival, directly in front of the Main Office. The first 43 applicants will be accepted. Other applicants will be placed on a waiting list.


Thank you for your interest in the trip!


Italy, South of France and Barcelona ~ July 20-29, 2010

Mandatory Parent/Guardian meeting:

Thursday, February 5th at 7pm in the school library.

Students: Please return your RSVP for the Parent/Guardian meeting to Ms. MacQueen in Room 210 by February 2/09.



































All of the information below pertains to our 2008 tour. It is on this page for my reference and does not apply to the 2010 trip. Thank you.



June 29, 2008


(2 days to go!!)

Please check your passports. While reviewing the photocopies of your passports, I noticed that 8 students have NOT signed PAGE 3 (the page opposite your photo). PLEASE ensure this page is signed before you arrive at the airport.

See you at 8:30pm on July 1st. The FINE SYSTEM will be in effect! :)

Number System

In order to keep everyone safe and together, we will be using a ‘number’ system while traveling. Whenever we meet, get on or off a bus, plane, etc. we will call out our numbers to make sure we are not missing anyone. You will find your number below!










Ashley B.






























Jennifer K.


Nicole L.




Jennifer M.




Nicole M.






Stacy O.




Andrew S.








Ashley S.


Andrew T.






Kate T.


Andrew V.


Kate W.


Allison W.


Staci S.




Ms. MacQueen


Mr. Spike


Ms. West


Mr. Drapak


Mr. Chisholm


Mrs. Pothier


Ms. Fewell


Mr. Pothier


June 23, 2008

EF Backpacks

(8 days to go!!)

If you have not picked up your EF backpack from Ms. MacQueen (Room 210), please do so by June 27/08. Leftover backpacks will be redistributed after that date.



June 18, 2008


Questions from the Parent Meeting


1. What banks are located in London and Paris?

 In London there are Barclay's Banks, as well as HSBC, NetWest and some others.  The major banks in Paris are: Le Crédit Agricole, La Caisse d'Épargne and La Société Générale. Please contact your bank and inquire as to which foreign banks they are affiliated with.

2. How long is the ferry ride from England to France?

It is approximately a 1 hour and 15 minutes ferry transit to Calais and then a 4 hour road transfer to Paris.



May 13, 2008

Telephone Chart

EF Tours requires us to submit a ‘telephone chain chart’ in the case of delayed return flights. All travelers must visit the main office by May 22/08 to submit the name of a parent/guardian AND accurate home and cell phone numbers.


The chart will be distributed to all parents/guardian at our meeting on June 16th.

 Thank you!



May 1, 2008 

Questions and Answers from our last meeting:


Q- Can we use Euros in London?

A- No. You can only use pounds (pound sign)  in London. France accepts Euros. So, you should leave Canada with enough pounds to get you through the first few days AND some Euros to get you started in France.

Please remember, do not wait until the last minute to exchange your money!


Currency conversion as of Thursday, May 1, 2008

1 Canadian Dollar = 0.50192 British Pound

1 British Pound (GBP) = 1.99236 Canadian Dollar (CAD)

The pound (pound sign) is made up of 100 pence (p) exactly like the dollar is split into 100 cents.


Currency conversion as of Thursday, May 1, 2008

1 Canadian Dollar = 0.63557 Euro

1 Euro (EUR) = 1.57340 Canadian Dollar (CAD)




Q- Is the Palace of Versailles closed on Mondays?

A- Yes, it is. Our schedule will be rearranged so that we can view Versailles on another day.



April 16, 2008

Lunchtime Meeting/Social

Friday, April 25 at 11am in Room 210. This will be a mandatory meeting and a chance to get to know your fellow travelers better before our trip. Pizza and juice will be served. Only 75 days to go!


March 27, 2008


Parent/Guardian Meeting:

There will be a mandatory Parent/Guardian meeting in June to answer questions and provide hotel and travel details. Date TBA.

Only 96 days to go!


Next Student Meeting:


Mandatory meeting for all travelers on Friday, April 25/08 at 11am in Room 210. Lunch will be provided.



Special Diets:


If you have a special diet request (allergies, vegan, etc.), you must let Ms. MacQueen know by March 31, 2008.


March 18, 2008

Important Updates  from EF Tours:


Names on Passports:

You will be denied boarding if the name on your passport DOES NOT MATCH the name (first and last) that you submitted to EF Tours. Middle names, accents and hyphens between surnames DO NOT MATTER.


If your names do not match, you must call the Customer Service line BEFORE March 20/08 to have it corrected.


Corrections must be made now; financial penalties of a minimum of $100 per change will apply if changes are made after that deadline. 




March 24, 2008- If you are NOT on the Autopay plan, the balance of your trip is due by this date.


All payments after 99 days prior (MARCH 24, 2008) to departure (late payments, optionals, special arrangement with customer service) must be certified (credit card, money order of certified cheque) no personal cheques are accepted and they will be returned to the sender.  All payments must also be sent to the Toronto Office address directly in order to avoid delays in sending out ticket packages.


Special Diets:


If you have a special diet request (allergies, vegan, etc.), you must let Ms. MacQueen know by March 31, 2008.


January 30, 2008

Important dates:



Please note the change in date below. Since the snow day has moved the start of Semester Two ahead by one day, Passport Day will move from Feb. 5 to Feb. 6.

 Wednesday, February 6, 2008-  Passport Day. Please bring in a photocopy of your passport. We need to have a copy of everyone's passport in case of loss while on the trip.


Ms. MacQueen will be in the main office from 7:45am -8:10am and again during lunch hour to collect and/or photocopy passports.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008 -Mandatory meeting for all travelers at 11:15am in Room 210.


March 24, 2008- If you are NOT doing the Autopay plan, the balance of your trip is due by this date.


September 13, 2007


Welcome back!

There will be a mandatory meeting for all students who are going on the Europe trip on Wednesday, October 3/07.

Room 210 at 11:15am

See you there!


June 19, 2007

For those students who are NOT on the Autopay plan,

there is a $200 payment due to EF Tours by August 30, 2007.

As well, if you are not on Autopay, I strongly encourage all students and parents to come up with a  saving/payment strategy.  The final payment will be due 99 days before the trip, and it will be a big one! Please ensure you are in a position to make the final payment at that time.

I am looking forward to having another meeting with students in September.  Have a safe and happy summer!


 June 5, 2007

For those of you who check your account on, you may notice that two charges  have been added: a $95 charge for our day trip to Oxford and Stratford and a $65 charge for our day trip to Versailles.  These charges are covered by the $250 that you submitted to SHS.  I have submitted the payment for the entire group already, and I am just waiting for it to be applied to your accounts.

These are NOT additional costs.

May 29, 2007

Two spots have opened up on our tour.  If you have any friends who are interested in joining us in July ’08, please ask them to see Ms. MacQueen.

April 26, 2007

There will be a mandatory meeting for all STUDENTS traveling to Europe in July '08 on Monday, May 7, 2007 at 11:30am in Room 210.  Please bring any questions or concerns with you. See you there!


April 12, 2007


The $250 cheques (made out to Sackville High School) that were passed in with application forms will be cashed on April 24/07.

March 21, 2007

By this time, you should have received an invoice from EF Tours. On the invoice, you will find all of the information you will need to track your account online. Your online account should have the most up to date information.

In some cases, invoices were sent out before the $99 registration fee was processed.  If your invoice says you owe $408, it should say you owe $309.

As well, invoices state the next payment ($309) deadline is April 7.  I asked for payments to be sent by March 21 because I didn't know exactly when your deposits would be cashed and I didn't want anyone to be charged late fees.  Technically, payments received by April 7 are considered on time.

EF Tours Customer Service Line: 1-800-263-2806



March 18, 2007

The following information was given to students when they passed in their applications.  Please refer to it as needed.


Europe 2008

Payment Schedule Update


February 19, 2007


EF Tours Customer Service Line: 1-800-263-2806



Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),


For payment schedule purposes, please replace this memo with the one you received at the Parent Meeting on Tuesday, February 13/07.  There are few minor changes to the payment schedule that you should be aware of.


Payment Schedule: (as found on page 12 of the application booklet. Please refer to the small green box titled “For applications received at EF before July 30”).


Wednesday, February 21/07-$99 non-refundable deposit and $250 cheque (made out to SHS) due with completed application form.




March 21, 2007- $200 payment plus $109 all-inclusive insurance payment due to EF Tours.  If you do not want to purchase the insurance, you must opt out by contacting EF Tour directly at 1-800-263-2806.


August 30, 2007- $200 payment due to EF Tours.


March 28, 2008-Full balance due to EF Tours.


As outlined on page 12 of the application booklet, late charges will apply if these deadlines are not met.


Please check my website periodically at will post information and news that I receive from EF. As well, I will post meeting times for students.  We will meet once more before June and then several times during the 2007-08 school year.  We will also have another important parent meeting about a month before our departure.


Please feel free to email any questions you may have.




Kerry MacQueen









March 5, 2007

The following students have been randomly selected to receive a $99 Tour Voucher from EF.  Please see Ms. MacQueen to get your $99 cheque back. Congratulations!

-Kristi B.

-Tyler F.

-Alyssa B.

-Rebecca B.

-Michelle F.

-Monica B.

-Cyndel K.

-Paul P.

-Mary M.


February 26, 2007

Applications have been sent to EF Tours.  Please anticipate deposit cheques to be cashed in the next 10 days.