Advertising Strategies Scavenger Hunt Assignment


Using your knowledge of target markets and ad strategies (See The Craft of Advertising Class Handout), with a partner complete the assignment below. Please type your good copy and pass in one assignment with each partner's name.

Part 1: (15 points)

Using your Advertising Strategies handout, identify (using the brand name) from the examples below an example of a print  advertisement that illustrates each of the following advertising strategies:

        Ideal Kids (or families)



        Family Fun


        Heart Strings



        Sounds Good

        Star Power


        Cartoon Characters



        Weasel Words




        Put Downs


        Are You Cool Enough?

        Facts and Figures



Part 2: (10 points)

Choose one of the 15 advertisements and answer the following questions in complete sentences:

1) What advertising strategy does your advertisement use?

2) Write a paragraph on what effect the advertising strategy has on the advertisement. (Ex: Does it capture attention? Create a desire to buy the product? Create an emotional appeal? etc.)

3) What is the target audience for this advertisement? Make sure to include three details (demographics) that you know about the target audience (i.e., age, gender, income level, race, education etc.) and explain what clues in the ad lead you to these conclusions.

4) Is this an effective advertising strategy to use to appeal to the adís target audience? Why or why not?

5) Predict what the advertisement would have been like if this advertising strategy was not used. What other strategies could be used in its place to market the product to this target audience? Explain your choice!

Ad #1: Egg Beaters





















Ad #2: Motorola

Ad #3: Snuggle

Ad #4: 7up

Ad #5: Sierra Mist

Ad #6: Benihana

Ad #7: Apple

Ad #8: Target

Ad #9: Red Bull

Ad #10: Clorets - Advertising: Clorets

Ad #11: McDonalds

Ad #12:  Terminix

Ad # 13: Mercy for Animals

Ad #14: Folgers

Ad # 15: Newport

Newport (1962)