My Reading Strategy Checklist

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Directions: Check those statements that reflect the strategies you use.

Strategies to Use

Before Reading

Strategies to Use

While Reading

Strategies to Use

After Reading

∑1 I think about the cover, title and topic.

∑2 I stop to check to see if I understand what Iím reading.

∑3 I think about why I liked it.

∑4 I read the back cover and the print on the inside of the jacket.

∑1 I make mental images or pictures in my head.

∑2 I retell.

∑3 I ask questions about the topic.

∑4 I highlight, underline or make note of confusing parts

∑5 I speak, draw and/or write reactions.

∑6 I predict what the topic is about or what might happen.

∑7 I highlight, underline, make note of unfamiliar words.

∑8 I reread favourite parts.

∑9 I skim any pictures, charts and graphs.

∑10 I reread to try to understand confusing parts and unfamiliar words.

∑11 I reread to find details.

∑12 I read headings and words in bold-faced type.

∑13 I write down an unfamiliar word that I canít figure out.

∑14 I picture characters and places and ideas.

∑15 I think about what I already know about the topic.

∑16 I use pictures, graphs and charts to help me understand confusing parts.

∑17 I predict what might happen to a character if the story continued.


∑18 I stop and retell to check what I remember.


∑19 I reread to remember details.


∑20 I read captions under and above photographs, illustrations, charts, graphs, etc.


∑21 I predict and adjust as I read.


∑22 I raise questions and read for answers.