Independent Novel Study Assignments: Grade 7 ELA


Choose to complete any TWO of the following assignments on the novel you are reading.  Assignments are due monthly and will be accepted any day during the month up until the last school day of the month. Each student will be responsible for sharing one of their assignments with a partner and the other with the class as a whole.  Once you have completed one of these assignments, check it off as you are not permitted to repeat the same assignment.  I will be adding assignments to this list at the first of every term.


Here are some hints for you when you are completing these assignments...

- have a peer or parent check over your assignments for spelling/grammar

- if you use a picture you found on the internet, please indicate where it came can not take information off and pass it off as your own, a picture is no different.

- read the details of an assignment before handing it in so that you are sure that you have everything that you need



  1. Choose one of the main characters in the story.  Create your character’s diary in at least six entries (75-100 words each).  Be sure to spread your entries throughout the entire novel.  Include the thoughts and feelings that your character is experiencing as well as a few predictions as to what may happen in the future.  Be sure to mention events that are happening to the character and write in the same style the character speaks.
  2. Play “Dear Abby”.  Compose letters (~150 words each) from at least 3 characters stating the different dilemmas they face with specific events and dialogue from the book.  Reply to each letter with an advice-filled response.
  3. Draw a detailed colored map of the setting of the novel.  On a ½ piece of bristolboard, indicate on the map all of the important landmarks and where the more important events take place.
  4. Make and illustrate a timeline of the ten most important events that happen in your novel on a ½ piece of bristolboard.
  5. Design the book jacket for your novel for promotional purposes.  On a ½ piece of bristol board, create both the front and back covers and include all of the pertinent information (title, author, brief summary, praise from other authors, picture of author, illustrations, etc).
  6. Write a song (words/music) about an aspect of the novel (the theme, a character’s struggle, the setting, plot, etc).  Record the song on a CD for the class to hear and appreciate.  Include a copy of the lyrics with your recording and be prepared to share with the class some background on your novel before the recording is played.
  7. Suggest an alternative title for your novel.  Defend your choice by giving evidence and insight from the story. (300 words)
  8. Design a movie poster for the book you read on a full piece of bristol board.  Cast the main characters with actors and actresses.  Include a scene of dialogue from the book in the layout of your poster.  Remember, you are trying to convince people to see the movie, so your poster should be persuasive!
  9. Write a copy for a newspaper front page that is devoted solely to the book you read.  The front page should look similar to a real front page of a newspaper.  The articles and pictures on the front page would be based on the characters and events of the book.
  10. Make a “WANTED” poster for a character in the book you read.  Include the following: a drawing or picture of the character, physical description, the characters misdeeds, other information that you think is important, and the reward offered for the capture of the character.
  11. Make a double page spread (2 pages side by side) in a scrapbook of the characters life and events you have learned about in the novel. (You do not have to use an actual scrapbook for this, you can use bristol board)
  12. Make a PowerPoint presentation, with each slide representing the highlights of a chapter (if you have 11 chapters in your novel, you have 11 slides plus a title slide).
  13. Create a list of interview questions that you could ask the main character of the novel.  Conduct an interview with you as the main character, answering the questions as the main character would have in the novel.  Be sure to record this as either audio or video.
  14. Other!  Be creative!  Please discuss with me and send an e-mail so I have it for my records before you attempt this one!


15. Book in a Box/Bag.  Decorate a box/bag to show the major details, elements, scenes, or themes of your novel.  Inside the box/bag, place the following items:

16. Write a 300 word letter to the author of your book.  Explain in the letter what parts you liked and didn't like, suggestions of things the author could have changed, things you needed more detail on, questions you have, etc.