A WebQuest for Grade Six

Designed by:

Kara Kline

December 20, 2002

Introduction | Task | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion 


Bullying is an ongoing problem that is present in many schools.  By learning about why people might bully other, how to deal with a bully and where to go for help, hopefully we can all help to make bullying less of an issue in our schools.



The Task

Throughout this process, you will be learning the facts about bullying.  Once you have obtained the necessary information that will be outlined in the process section, you are to put this information together into a handbook for students.  Remember to make your handbook pleasing to the eye and filled with valuable information for the reader.


The Process

  1.   Your handbook is a collection of facts about bullying.  Be careful not to put you opinion in with the facts.  Remember that throughout this process you may not copy word for word what someone else has written.  You must put any information that you wish to add into your own words.  Your handbook should be checked for spelling, punctuation, etc. and needs to have some type of "creative flair". Remember that you are creating this handbook for fellow students.
  2. You must touch on the following points:

       * Know what a bully is

       * Be able to recognize a bully

       * Know some useful ways to deal with a bully

       * Realize that they don't have to be bullied

       * Have an idea of some people they can go to if they are being bullied

       * Know how to react in crisis or emergency bully situations


 3. For information on exactly what Bullying is check:

                What is Bullying?


               No Bully

                Bullying: What is it?

4. For information on What Can be Done About Bullying check:

                Dealing with Bullies



5. For information on where to go for help if you are being bullied check:

                Dealing with Bullies

                Kids Help Phone

                Stop Bullying Now

Your handbook may certainly contain any other useful information that you  might find related to the topic of bullying.  Make sure that it is factual and relevant.



Evaluation for this project will be from the final handbook produced.  the handbook should be filled with information and should have touched on all mentioned areas.  Your bullying handbook should be well organized and attractive to the reader.



Being bullied is not a fun experience for anyone.  By learning some of the facts surrounding bullying, hopefully you will be better prepared to handle a situation that you might be faced with.  Just because you are not the victim of a bully doesn't mean that you are not involved.  If you see someone else bullying or someone being bullied you now have the tools to help make some positive changes.