Dear Parents:



As a part of Mrs. Stearns’ 3-6 music classes this year, we will be learning to play the soprano recorder. We are beginning the recorder unit right away and have a class set of recorders and sterisol germicide to clean the recorders in between classes. At the end of each day the recorders will be washed in a dishwasher to further sterilize them.  If your child has a good quality Baroque soprano recorder (indicated by a small B on the back) please feel free to send this in for them to use. If your child does not already have a recorder, purchasing a recorder is fairly inexpensive. We do not, however, recommend Dollar store recorders as their quality will make learning difficult and frustrate your child.

To make it more convenient and more economical, we will be happy to order the recorders for you. We will be ordering a recorder that comes with a storage case, cleaning rod, and fingering chart. The price is $8.00.

Please consider buying two recorders so that your child may leave one recorder in the classroom and one at home for practicing. This way your child will not have to remember to bring the recorder back and forth.

When our unit is completed, we would like to continue using recorders throughout the rest of the year to

supplement other lessons. Please see the recorder information below. Please read all the options carefully to make sure that you get exactly what you want.


Helpful practice hints:

1. Cover all the holes tightly – leaks cause squeaks!

2. The left hand is placed above the right hand

3. Blow gently with “warm” air.

4. Please label the recorder and its storage container with your child’s name.

Thanks for your continued support of your child’s creativity in music!


Musically yours,

Jennifer Stearns




Name __________________________ Classroom Teacher_________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature _________________________________________________

_____ Yes, please order a recorder for my child at $_______ each.

_____ Yes, please order TWO recorders so that my child can leave one at school (recorders will be taken home at the end of the year). $_______

_____ No, we do not need to order a recorder. We will take full responsibility of furnishing an acceptable Baroque soprano recorder for our child.