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        Let's Talk About Insects  Let's Talk About Insects is designed to help students ages 9-11 years of age gain an appreciation of insects; learn how insects grow and develop (metamorphosis), and learn the importance of insects in our environment.

        The Electronic Naturalist: The Natural World Right Before Your Eyes!

The Electronic Naturalist is a new on-line education program providing a weekly environmental education unit. Each unit has artwork, text, activities, additional web sites, plus online access to a professional naturalist. Two reading levels are available for grades K-3 (Quick Read) and 4-8 (Full Read).

        Hop around our web site and click on the links at the left to find useful resources for you and your students, answers to many questions about frogs and toads, and how to get involved with the project.

        Educational In Nature  Developed for grades 4-5, Educational in Nature is a series of environmental education curriculum supplements designed to foster understanding and environmental awareness in the classroom.