Guidelines for 'hrsbstaff' Teacher Web Space

Web space is provided to assist classroom teachers in supporting student achievement of the Public School Program.  If you would like to have web space, email from your @staff email account.  Email and web space are linked.  You may get your @staff email account from the designated email admin person at your school.  
  Do not share your password with anyone - especially students.
YOU are responsible for the contents of your site.  If you think someone may know or could guess your password, change it.  
Microsoft clip art images may be used for not for profit educational use.  Other safe sites are NS Images Project, Dorling-Kindersley, Discovery School (Read Guidelines), Backgrounds for Educators, Jason's Animation Outpost, Flaming Text and Absolute Web Graphics.  
  Teachers are bound by current Canadian Copyright Laws.  Digital rights are not the same as CanCopy, which applies to print material.  In most cases, you may NOT copy, unless you have written permission of the owner and/or author.
  Hrsbstaff web space is not the place for pictures of your baby, dog, wedding, etc. unless these images are connected to a specific curriculum outcome.
Use of student work, images, etc are governed by your school's Internet Acceptable Use Policy.  These vary from school to school, so read yours carefully.  
Links to other sites that support achievement of specific curriculum outcomes are encouraged.   
  Links to sites with pop-ups or ads are discouraged.  Do not link to any site that automatically downloads anything.
  Your web space may not be used to store files, folders, mp3s. 
  Ads are not permitted on any hrsbstaff sites.
  Caution: Care should be taken in posting information that could be political and/or controversial.  You are liable for everything on your site, including links. 

We have 4 templates which teachers may choose from to use for their individual web space.  To use the web templates simply browse them to decide if you want to use one.

English version 1:

English version 2:

English version 3:

French version 1:

High School Template:

2011-2012 Calendar: Calendar 2011-2012

2011-2012 Calendar in French: Calendar 2011-2012 French

If you would like one of these templates, open Microsoft FrontPage and access your empty web space.  If your space is empty you will get a message ' The specified web does not exist.' Click OK to clear this message.

Be sure your web space is empty as the following instructions may result in the loss of any information currently in your web folder. For existing files you wish to keep, place them in a separate folder in your website so they are not overridden.


Step 1: Go to Internet Explorer and access your web space. Your address is as follows:********        (*for the stars use your IMP email username)

Step 2: Click on the Edit with FrontPage button on the toolbar, or use the File> Edit with Microsoft FrontPage command on the file menu. This will open FrontPage and access your empty web space. You will be asked for your username and password. 

Step 3: Click on File > Click on Import... > Click on From Web > type the address of the web site template you wish to import i.e.  or

Step 4: Do the import by accepting all the default values clicking next (or yes) until finish appears as an option then click finish.

Step 5: Now you can double click a file in your website Folder list and edit the page in FrontPage and make it your own!