Why Do Teen Turn To Drugs?

Jenna Saulnier


           Have you ever used drugs?  The number of people that are using drugs is on the rise.  A large number of these people are teens.  Teens are the largest users of drugs in Canada.  Many people feel teen use drugs because they feel it is the cool thing to do, but in truth not all teens just want to look cool.  Teens turn to drugs for many different reasons.

            One reason teens turn to drugs is to get away from life.  Problems at school and at home can be very stressful.  Drugs can relieve teens from this stress.  Homework and schoolwork can be very hard and marks may be low.  If teens are upset about low marks, drugs can make these feelings go away.  Problems at home with family can be very hard for teens.  If there is always yelling and fighting in the home, teens may use drugs to escape from these problems.

            Another reason teens use drugs is to rebel against their parents.  Parents may be too overprotective or shelter their teens too much.  This may cause teens to rebel and use drugs.  Parents may also be too busy for their teens.  If parents have no time to talk or spend time with their teens, then they may feel unloved and use drugs to heal their pain.  But some teens just want to do the wrong things to make their parents mad.  Most parents tell their teens all the time that using drugs is wrong, and that is exactly why some teens do it.  Some teen feel that they just have to rebel against their parents because they donít want to live by the rules their parents have in place such as curfews and who they can hang around with.

Another reason teens turn to drugs is just to fit in and be liked by their peers.  To some teens, using drugs is a way to be liked or accepted by other people.  If a teen does not have a lot of friends and a group of people ask the teen to go smoke-up with them, the teen will most likely agree to go.  Also teens that do not use drugs may be bullied or made fun of because of what they chose not to do.  This may cause teens to start using drugs just so they stop being harassed by their peers.

               As stated above there are many different reasons why teens turn to drugs.  They may feel peer-pressured at school or overprotected at home.  They may want to escape from problems at home or school, or life altogether.  Whatever the reason may be, teen drug use does exist and for many different reasons.