Teen Image  

By:Ryanne Hamblin

    Approximately 70 million people have eating disorders or suffer from low self esteem. Both males and females around the world look at themselves and are not happy with what they see but why are people so worried about their appearance? People are constantly comparing themselves  to images on television and in magazines. The ideal image of today's world is seen everywhere , and it seems no matter what the media is showing or advertising there is a picture of a half dressed model or hunky hot man. The people are beautiful and easy to look at , but very few people have that image and it's easy for the public to look at those pictures and feel insecure. The media gives you the idea that you  have to look a certain way, and it's scary to think what people are willing to do to get this way. The images seen on TV.  and magazines give stereotypical image of how people are supposed to look, and can cause eating disorders and depression.


    Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia Nervosa are common eating disorders in teenage girls and boys. Many people start to use this method of weight control because they are not  happy with the way they look. A large group of celebrities and models use eating disorders to keep their small, fit appearance when they have to go into the public eye. But why can't they just be happy with their natural figure? Society has the belief that only a certain look is normal, But humans come in all shapes and sizes. Bulimia and Anorexia are diseases and cause your body serious harm. After you develop an eating disorder, consequences take their tole. In some cases people have died trying to pursue that "Perfect Image". Anorexia is common in teenage boys and girls . they desire the need to be thin and see getting fat as their biggest fear. They lose the weight by exercising excessively and not letting their body receive the proper amount of calories. People with Anorexia feel they have control, but they don't! Their bodies start to reject food . they suffer from fatigue and destroy their physical appearance with lose of hair, muscle tone and much more- 10 to 20% will eventually die from Anorexia Nervosa. Bulimia Nervosa consists of a process called Binging and Purging ( eating and throwing up.) This causes the body to get rid of unwanted calories. Bulimics are usually the people that don't feel secure about themselves. Both have basically the same side-effects of maintaining that "perfect image", is it really worth it to risk your life over a stereotype that doesn't apply to 90% of the world? in some cases, television and movies are expanding the people they cast, and this gives more acceptance to those non-tall, thin blonds, and well built, blue-eyed boys.

    Another problem that seems to arrive with teen image is money. Girls and guys look at the media for what is in style at the time, but what's in style is never cheep. Nowadays you pay a lot to get a little. one brand name shirt and a plain shirt can differ $20 in price, and a lot of people don't have that kind of money to throw around. Today's world judges everything around them, especially teens. teenagers look to their peers for acceptance, but what it takes to be excepted is not always what it should be! In most cases people decide if they want to be your friends by the clothes you wear or how you look. But what about the people that can't afford the new Nikes or the styling shirts? the things we see make us think we have to dress a certain way when, in reality, everyone's life would be easier if they could just be themselves. It's wrong to think any less of someone for what they wear. these images have made adolescents and adults  shallow and clicky. they are unable to see people for who they  really are. A large factor in teen image today are "role models". Celebrities have a lot of influence on teenagers. These pop-star idols for teenager girls and boys are not always what you think they are. The media should have people of intelligence in the spot light. People should be credited in life on their knowledge and talent. But instead, we have young girls up on stage dancing around in skimpy outfits. The young public sees most of this and feels like hey have to be like that, and then we have young impressionable teenagers walking around half dressed wanting to be the next Brittany Spears. If people have a variety of people to compare themselves to ,or a role model with an opinion, it would benefit the child in the long run.

    In conclusion, if the world was more open-minded and less judgmental, young, emotional teens would feel more secure about who they are and how they look. Society needs to look at people for who they are and not what they look like. People come in all shapes and sizes and should be happy with themselves. Everyone is so busy worrying about how they look they forget to live life and have fun. It's time to lose the "Perfect Image" stereotype! Everyone is equal and should be treated equal.

Here are 4 of our role models for young girls. Each unique in their own ways.

But can you  tell who is who?