~*Never Too Far*~ 

 By: Chantelle Rideout

Some people say that heaven's too far,
Too far for me to reach you, too far for you to hear,
Too far for me to touch you, too far for you to feel,
But I can't live my life without you, I just can't go on.
I can't forget our special moments, or our special song.
Every night I pray to God, to see just once more.
What I wouldn't give to see you walk through my door.
Even though you’re gone forever, in my heart we're still together,
and I know heaven is never too far.
Maybe if I cry enough, my tears will bring you back.
Maybe if I beg enough, you’ll get another chance.
Every one tells me all hope is lost, you left without a trace
But no matter what happens, I will always have faith.
So every night I close my eyes and wish with all my might,
And last night when I opened them, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
There you were, right in front of me, your smile made me cry
I wanted to reach out and touch you, hold you
but all I could do was stare
I blinked my eyes and you were gone
but for a moment, just a moment, you were there