By Mandy Hoadley


Thousands of innocent lives were taken,
The rest of us were left shocked and shaken.

Love to hate and safety to fear,
People showed how they felt tear by tear.

Tear streaks on a small child's face,
their parents gone without a trace.

People's loved ones were missing on that terrible day,
The unharmed could do nothing but wait and pray.

Fellow countries pitched in at a time of need,
To clean up the rubble, for it is all that could be seen.

We were all left with pain and to mourn,
But at the same time a new world was born.

Hate has boiled and war has arisen,
These acts of terrorism will not be forgiven.

Bin Laden is an evil and disturbed man,
It's guaranteed that we will catch him and his ban.

September eleventh made my stomach sink,
Scared me and made me think.

If war was gone,
Could we all get along?

At times it seems like it is all a bad dream,
Can't the terrorists hear our silent screams.

I wish I could help but all I can do is pray,
For now I'll cherish each moment of everyday.

I hope to wake up and everything will be fine,
But the only way to do that is to turn back time.