Provide Public Protection

By: Mandy Hoadley

    According to the article sex an teen pregnancy statistics prove that 1 million teen women become pregnant annually and 78% of these pregnancies are unplanned and unexpected. Not only are infants being brought in to this world unwanted, but sexually transmitted diseases are spreading rapidly. Every year 3 million teenagers acquire an STD ( There large problems can be solved with  a simple solution, such as providing condoms in school washrooms. 

    Ever since the stone age, sex has been portrayed as a dirty activity that is mean to be kept private. Due to this outlook, buying personal products in a public place can be embarrassing. However, it is nothing to be embarrassed of because it is only human nature for all of us. No matter what your age or sex, buying condoms can make you feel ashamed, so if purchasing in the comfort of a washroom is preferred by the customer than why not sell them there. Buying condoms is the same feeling people get when purchasing feminine products. This gives us an awkward feeling because people can see us with the product and therefore know that we are having our period or sex and it gives them the chance to pass judgment on us. People should not care what others think because in the long run condom buyers are the smart ones. Not anyone can be this confident, so condoms should be available in a private place such as a school washroom.

    Condoms should be sold in school washrooms because it will aid in reducing teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. If a person truly wants to have sex then they are going to do it with or without protection. It is no secret that teens nowadays are having sex, unless you are totally naive. Due to this we should make protection such as condoms available and simple to obtain. What better place would there be then in school, where teenagers spend over half of their life. 

    A few teenagers have the privilege to talk to their parents about sex and get their opinion. Many parents tell them that if they feel like they are ready to have sex but are too embarrassed to buy protection, then ask them and they will get it. They say this because they would rather them have safe sex, than unprotected sex. However, the majority of teens will not communicate with there parents about this topic and their parents are glad. For these children condom companies should take over the parental role and provide them with protection. By installing condom machines in school washrooms they can promote safe sex and make more money.

    Selling condoms in school washrooms is an all around good idea. People may think that this is giving kids permission to have sex but really it is just promoting safe sex. Before dismissing this idea I beg you to remember that 1 million teen women become pregnant and 3 million teens receive an STD yearly. If your child was part of this fixable statistic, you would have wished for protection in school washrooms. We can not reverse the past but we can change the future for the better.