By: Julie d'Entremont

    In today's public schools there is a freedom to dress in the manner that students choose for themselves each day. If uniforms were introduced this freedom would be lost. People want to, and deserve to have the right to express themselves through what they wear and how they express themselves. Introducing uniforms into public schools would take away this right. Public school should not enforce school uniforms because all of the students would lose some of their individuality.
    What a person wears is a form of their self expression. Everyone has a different personality, and one uniform would not suit the personality of every student in one school. People shouldn't be confined in growing as a person because of a uniform which confines their development as an individual. Through what someone wears they can express their uniqueness and who they are. No one will dress exactly the same and therefore everyone will be viewed as their own person. Every person would not feel comfortable wearing the same outfit as the rest of the students in their entire school. A school is a place filled with many different types of people who are all unique. What a person wears can also be a reflection of their mood. School uniforms would restrict this type of expression.
    If school uniforms were enforced in public schools, the student body would always look exactly the same. There wouldn't be any colour or variety in schools. Life would become boring if everyone looked the same. In schools it is taught that everyone should be their own person and learn to make their own decisions. Why would schools want to make the decisions of what students wear for them? What a person chooses to wear is one of the biggest forms of self expression, and schools should not confine their students into dressing alike. Canada prides itself in being a free country, and its students should have the freedom of wearing their choice of clothing to school. School uniforms could lead to uniforms being worn in other institutions as well. It is not a want for a society to become completely uniform. The originality of the people in society is what makes life exciting.
    I the Western society individuality is encouraged. School uniforms encourage people to be the same. This slows down the development of young people into independent, free-thinking adults. Freedom is a human right, and what people choose to wear is a freedom that everyone deserves to have. One uniform will not fit the personalities of all the people in a school. This would mean that a large number of people would feel uncomfortable in what they are wearing on a daily basis. As long as what a student wears follows their school's dress code, they should be able to wear what they choose. People express themselves through clothing and a school uniform would not reflect each unique personality.