It was a nice warm sunny afternoon in Lower Sackville.  Ry Ry  and Chan Chan, the scientific geniuses of SHS were chillaxin in the cafeteria on their free. Meanwhile Jealous Julie  and her groupies watch with envy, they wished they could be as smart as them. Next week was the science fair, and everyone was excited. Ry Ry and Chan Chan decided to go work on their projects, but Julie being jealous as she is says, "They must be stopped!" The group followed the girls into the woods to see what they were up too! Ry Ry and Chan Chan go down behind the school to a clearing. They begin to work on  their soon to be first prize invention, “The Supreme Dream Man Making baking Machine”. The girls mix all the good qualities of a supreme guy into a love potion and put it in the oven, meanwhile Brainiac Briana is overtaken by jealousy and comes up with an evil idea. Ry Ry and Chan Chan go on a slushie break and those jealous girls jump into action.



  Quickly they go and steal the love potion that Ry Ry and Chan Chan made, and replace it with a mix of their own. Macho Mandy adds some Sackville River water and Brainiac Briana adds some acne cream in from her purse. They hear Ry Ry and Chan Chan returning so they run off to go use this love potion themselves. With this they can win first prize at the science fair.



Ry Ry and Chan Chan come back and decide to finish the project. They bake it but something has gone horribly wrong! They were expecting a supreme dream man, but instead out popped something so horrible that not even the kindest or most desperate women could dream of being with. So much for the supreme dream, he was a nightmare! How did this happen? Ry Ry and Chan Chan were geniuses and could have never created something so ugly.



Ry Ry and Chan Chan sit down wondering what could have went wrong. Suddenly they look down and find the answer on the ground. "Holy Chemical Compounds!", they yelled. It was a pocket protector. Brianiac Briana always leaves her pocket protector behind! It had to have been her and her possy of wannabe scientists! Now that they knew who did it they were off to get back their love potion before time ran out…and make those jealous girls pay!

  Day turned into a dark, dark night as Ry Ry and Chan Chan broke into SHS to get back what was rightfully theirs, out of Jealous Julie’s locker. They opened the locker without any trouble because Chan Chan is an expert lock picker. Ry Ry takes the love potion and replaces it with one of her crazy concoctions.





Then Ry Ry and Chan Chan say the magic rhyme of the mix master Stefan to curse the potion for Jealous Julie. The girls began to drop the beat. They put that crazy concoction in the locker and shut it. After all that hard work Ry Ry and Chan Chan go home to rest before the big day.

It was the next morning and before Ry Ry and Chan Chan went to the fair they had to get rid of the nightmare man. They got rid of him the best way they knew how. They dumped him in the toilet and flushed. The girls headed off to the science fair.



Ry Ry and Chan Chan entered the science fair with their Supreme Dream Man Making Baking Machine. The judges were tough, but they had a first prize machine, and first prize was what they got…PLUS one Hot Tamale!! Everything worked out perfect, and they were still number 1! And as for Jealous Julie, Brainiac Briana and Macho Mandy, they got exactly what they deserved. Last place and an ugly, hideous man. O yeah, revenge is sweet!