High school, the best years of your life!

By:Briana MacLellan

    Have you ever wondered why the statement "high school years are the best years of your life" is what its said to be? When you really think about it, Jr.high seems to be a big part of your youth. However, when comparing Jr. high to high school, high school is a more demanding yet rewarding experience.

    A reason for high school being more enhanced place is the responsibility that you receive for yourself. In Jr.high most people have not yet reached the peak of maturity, so they aren't very responsible. Jr.high tends to baby their students, while high school has a very different, responsible atmosphere. You have to carry your own "load" at high school. Teachers will absolutely not come chasing after you with work you have missed. Its then your responsibility to catch up if you have missed class time. When referring to responsibility, some people will choose the "wrong path" and choose not to use responsible decision-making. There are responsible decisions and not so responsible decisions the students can make.  The students will consider these decisions by themselves. Examples of these decisions they will have to face are: doing homework, studying for tests/exams, being on time for class and showing good attendance. All of the responsibility they will gain is for themselves, that's why its so important that they try to make the best decisions they can! Most students like to have a feeling of responsibility and accomplishment. If students work hard and act responsible they will achieve a great deal!  

    A second reason high school is better rather then Jr.high is because you have the choice of which courses to take. Choosing courses allows you to take part in subjects that you are interested in. Enjoying the classes will make the work seem easier and make the class time pas much faster. In Jr.high school you don't have the opportunity to choose the classes, so sometimes you're stuck with classes you probably wont need in the future: or that you don't enjoy. Some examples of these classes are: gym and French. Maybe gym and French aren't just your thing, and trying your best isn't working. Then when you arrive at high school, you don't have to take these classes. Instead you can possibly think and plan ahead for your future career ambitions. The classes which you do end up choosing, can give you the credits you may possibly need, to be accepted into a certain collage or university or school. Its also a benefit for students who are at a higher learning level because it allows them the option to take harder classes, where as if you're in Jr.high, your not given the a preference for a challenge in learning. Also, a high school semester is made up of only four courses at a time. Therefore, it gives you a chance to concentrate on just a few courses at a time, allowing you more time to give it your all. 

    Having frees is without a doubt an explanation of why high school is much better. Having frees can be a great opportunity. It allows you to sleep in in the mornings and go home early in the afternoon, once a cycle. Leaving early can be great for some situations like finishing up, or an opportunity for a afternoon job. Frees give you some time to work on unfinished school work or upcoming projects. At school you can do other activities, rather than working o n and finishing up school work. You can use the school's facilities such as the cafeteria, library and, in some occasions, the gym, to relax or just hang out! Its a great opportunity to meet new people who are in a different grade, or who aren't in any of your classes. Socializing is a big part regarding frees. In Jr.High you're not allowed to go to the cafeteria, library or gym unless its either break or lunch time. This is because they don't allow frees there. If you have an assignment and you didn't  have time to finish it, you don't have the same advantage to go to the library to finish it up! You have to make sure that all of your work is one on time. That's not mentioning that you have about seven different subjects/courses in a run of a day. So in that instance, you may have a lot more homework. In various cases you may have homework in each class, every day!

        In conclusion, High School is a better place because it has a serious yet relaxed atmosphere. It brings along great rewards such as, allowing you to gain more responsibility and independence, which will shape your future endeavors.